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Retail therapy for busy bee
Monday, May 30, 2011, 1:50 AM
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This is retail therapy for busy bee. Hello blog readers! :)
Those close to me would most probably describe me as busy person, all. the. time. In fact, I hardly have the time to shop for myself unless it is for special occasions or themed parties. Or that regular weekend window shopping when I'm forced to not stay at home and rot heheh

Some stuff I bought today apart from my groceries and toiletries..

Finally found a pair of nude pumps at my favourite shop, Charles & Keith! 
Often, I admire the shoes worn by the models in fashion magazines and no words can express how much I love nude/beige colour. It compliments anything you wear, from top to toe.

Then I got my monthly copy of Cleo --limited edition mini Cleo

Love the mini copy of Cleo because I can simply dump it in my huge bag and read whenever I have time to kill.

Father's Day is coming soon and I'm cracking my brains as to what I should get for my dad. It's a lot easier buying gifts for women, really!

This is a really cute card. Not only does it make one kind of sound, it makes 4 different kinds - the shower, the sound of drink pouring, burping, and snoring.

Since my skincare products finished, I thought it would be a great time to try another range. The promoter for Bio-essence was really kind to give me some additional samples on top of what I got -the emulsion (toner), hydra nourishing cream (moisturiser), cleanser, and bio-cell renewing serum.

She gave me their eye cream, lotion, exfoliating gel, and sleeping mask (they all smell really good too!) :D

 So let's see how this range can help my tired skin. Ever since I started working, the late nights and lack of sleep is taking a toll on my skin or probably..a slight chance that I'm getting older -__-" but I'd prefer the former.

Some of my friends have also asked about the hair dye colour I'm currently using. I wanted a lighter brown to help keep my layers look fresh so I tried Liese's Bubble Hair Colour in Marshmallow Brown:

It's actually not that light in person and the finishing is soft and easy to manage :)

A close shot for comparison's sake.

Tested some photo effects this afternoon.

Thinking about changing this blog layout and design but I don't know anyone who can do it. 
Let me know if any of you or your friends can do web designing prettyy please? :D


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