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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
When Bombshells Meet Aviators
Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 2:31 PM
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The girls get really excited when we get a chance to dress up.

Just a couple of days back, we celebrated the special birthdays of 5 of the nuffies: Yuen Yee (eating monster), Nick D (the superstar), Wendy (part of the Angry birds), Pinky (my roomie aka horniest chick around), and Karen (our sexy Kadazan warrior).

Just realized how almost everyone has got a nickname in the office. Pinky gave me my latest nickname -- Miss Unavailable -- because I'm not available all the time 24/7 according to her, not at work, and not outside work -__-"

Theme of the night: Bombshells and Aviators

I really didn't know what to wear, but fortunately some mix and match and this was the end result:

I've never felt so tired in a long while. Just the night before we headed to Zouk with the Hong Kong nuffies, and a few hours later it was time for house party.

Literally dragging my arse outta bed, to the car, and to the venue. It must be the vibe because....
the moment we got there, I felt alive again. 

Tim, me and Audrey

The lucky "Dabbawala" amongst the roses =P

What's a dabbawala, you ask? Read here if you're interested to learn more.

Then we have the three musketeers:

sexayy :D

Doink and I

Gundu with a dungu =P

with Papa Chay,

and the ladies..

Here's one with birthday girl, Pinky (with her brains =P)

I'm just kidding, sweetheart <3

and another with us really happy :D

Good to know my party mojo's still around, somewhere.


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