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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Baby's Day Out!
Monday, June 20, 2011, 1:02 AM
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This is pretty backdated but the photos are just too cute to ignore. 

At the Trudy & Teddy's tea party with mummy bloggers and their little ones.

We arrived in the afternoon just before teatime and the staffs greeted us with lovely finger food and the mommies had their first challenge - dress up their little ones aka model of the day to prep for Trudy & Teddy's fashion show.

This was really adorable because I helped a few of them pick clothing for their child. Really love the little suits and dresses, all western European influenced.

It's amazing how these days, it's no longer fashion for adults but kids too!

Other activities along the way such as creating your very own Trudy & Teddy door hangers will little teddy bears and donuts.

as well as some colouring --looking at this reminds me of back then how I suck at colouring, only enjoyed shading and drawing with 2B pencils =P

Those were the days..

very cute Trudy & Teddy models :) she's awesome at posing, imagine how she'd be like when she turns older.

The catwalk cum fashion show was the highlight of the tea party. After dressing up from top to toe, the little ones alongside their mommies had to strut down the runway, from one end to another, left to right and so on.

Here's our winner, congratulations Ethan and Merryn <3

I bet everyone had a wonderful experience, making over children below 3 years ain't simple at all. Oh, what a day thanks to Trudy & Teddy. You may visit their website here at www.trudynteddy.com


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