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Rachel Kristen
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The big fat road bully
Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 10:49 PM
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It's normal to curse or honk at people but what's unusual was what happened earlier today.

At around noon I was driving my way back to the office. The roads were pretty clear considering it was peak hours but something happened when I came to a junction with two lanes merging into one. 
If you're familiar with federal highway, there's this roundabout towards KL after the Central turning.

What shocked me wasn't the vulgar words coming out of the big fat driver's mouth but rather it was the entire situation. The people who stood by but did nothing, the children in that unlucky car, the hard knock on my windscreen and the fact that his sweaty fist the size of my arm laid on my right cheek.

You would've noticed my tweet earlier today.

I apologize for the profanities but the first thing on my mind was whether I should make a police report after what happened. I tweeted seeking for opinions. But what's sadder than this was the replies I got from my followers on twitter-- the negative remarks about the police force, the disappointment we felt towards our government. What has it got to do with the government? 
I will explain.

It all happened within just 10 minutes--the shittiest, most traumatizing 10 minutes, ever.
My car was amongst the many queuing to merge into that one tiny lane. The road was leading towards Dataran Merdeka. But before I could reach the Sri Aman police station, there was a kancil on my left squeezing his way through. It was SO CLOSE, barely reaching an inch, his car was so near to mine, I couldn't swerve to the right because there was nothing but a drain.

 So I did what many of us would have done, I honked. Not once, not twice but a couple of times.

It was uncalled for. 
The driver of WJL 1715, drove in front of my car, pulled over (amidst the traffic jam and cross points) and came right out leaving his barely 3 year old child in the car.

This huge sized man walked out of his tiny blue kancil. In his bright coloured t-shirt, all sweaty and angst up looking like a twisted version of Shrek, he cursed and pointed fingers at me. I explained how I have signaled and asked why the need for him to pull over and squeeze his way through. All these was not necessary.

Then he shouted, "I'm from the JPJ, what are you going to do about it? I've got all these undang..
*utters rude words*" raising his fist on my right cheek for a good 5 seconds.

I was stunned and angry. Just because you work for the government you have the right to knock on someone's windscreen and threaten to punch someone in the face? And what more a woman.

But oh what's new? What other stories haven't we heard about officers beating people up?

In the back of my mind, I wanted badly to curse and shout at him but I didn't. Struggling to keep my calm. But the moment he laid his dirty fist on me, I dared him to touch me and I would report it to the police and sue him for assault. And as I wound up the window on my driver's seat, he gave his last blow leaving a tiny crack and scratch mark on the screen.


I haven't been this pissed and traumatized in a while. But oh well, just to share this unfortunate story in case any of you come across this little blue car, remember what he did to your fellow mate ;)

I kid.

Thank you for all your messages and well wishes. Feeling a lot better now.

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