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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Once upon a time..
Friday, July 1, 2011, 11:28 PM
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Every now and then I quietly reminisce the life of being a student. How we get to wake up late, rush for assignments, do research, take part in activities, sleep at ungodly hours, wake up in time for brunch, and occasionally missing a few lectures plus all the dramas (hahah I just had to add!) =P

Ohh those carefree days.

Pic: Karina, me and Sze Jia in Penang

Watching the video that Luke shared reminded me why being a student was the best time of my life.

Just wanted to share bits and pieces of the good ol' uni and college days I'd like to remember.

Pictures tell a thousand words, I'll let them tell you my Once Upon a Time story..

#1 Meet my high school friends - Charlene and Charmaine (that I loveeee to bits!)

Once, the girls came all the way up to KL just to show their support in Project Superstar --back when I was..19?! Sorry, my gold fish memory gets in the way at times..

Here's one with my girl friends from primary/secondary school..

From left: Mel, Michelle, Dee and I

We became the "sisters" at our good friend, Jasveen's engagement party then:

This was when I had to get a Saree because we were told to dress "accordingly" heheh

But the Saree came into good use for the Fashion Show for Monash Cultural Night back in 2009.

Here's a video I found on YouTube of the fashion show:

#2 Things I have done or at least tried before I turned twenty one..

Meet Ken Chang.
This was taken at the Street Carnival back in 2008 after our performance as a dance crew =)

 My attempt at hip-hopping in case you're wondering, this was the video that Luke shared:

..back in 2008 when I was only nineteen turning twenty.

Took part in a few competitions back then, it was the only free time I had and it was also through all these that I started modeling, emceeing and accepting photo shoot offers. But of course, not full time, it was merely for the experience.

There was the Watsons YOU Awards:

and then DG Color where I met a few wonderful people:

They gave me an opportunity at emceeing..


And then there was the Monash pageant when I was twenty..

Great memories <3

That was not long after my twentieth birthday.
Meet Jeffy the Teddy:

He too, like Ken Chang enjoyed tossing me in the air =D this was taken at my twentieth birthday.

I kid, Jeffy! =P

Of course as a student there were "stressful" times, when we stayed up late for assignments.
One thing I miss the most was being part of the council, organizing activities. My first project- the Orientation bash for new students - a trip to Port Dickson for 200 pax!

and the extremely tedious Orientation week for both semesters:

With Jee Van, the mascot from Science faculty.

My favourite mascot from the faculty of Arts:


 With my hardworking team, who at times wanna kill me! =P

Shaz and I almost three years back.

Stumbled upon this in my old album. I was excited when my college published an article of my experience as a student in Monash.

hahah sounds silly reading it now.Of course with the hard work, comes the partying! =D

Been there, done that!
It was also then I met talented people like this guy here.

Meet Ray Cheong, extremely talented singer--he still has the best cover of Gravity by John Mayer.

Playing pool was my favourite thing to do after dinner.

Dawn and I also attempted our own stall selling pre loved items hahah

We called it The Bargain Haven - Dawn and I

Other things that I like reminiscing, 

Another good friend's wedding- Xanthus and Lina where we performed all our favourite tunes for the lovebirds.

All these in just a couple of years, how time flies. I wished we were there a little longer, can I not grow up? =P


It's the beginning of July now, which means I still have another 29 days before I'm another year older -__-" so please allow me to reminisce hahah! Looking forward to my first trip to Langkawi in a couple of hours.


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