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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Twitterific Saturday
Saturday, July 9, 2011, 8:11 PM
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Today must be a memorable one for many of us. A historical day for many Malaysians and it is also the day with the most retweets in my entire life mainly about the #bersih rally, which happened earlier.

Spent the whole morning and afternoon reading tweets to catch up on live updates and praying that no one would get injured from the water cannons and tear gases thrown at people in the city. 

Here are some of my favourite tweets:

1. @Justkhairie: "I don't mind if you disagree with and feel a need to mock it. But what have YOU done to improve our country lately?"

2. @Warbaby: Barricades at Stadium

 When I heard they wired the stadium to prevent people from entering, this didn't come to mind at all.

3. @rachelkristen: "Never seen the police efficient before, all thanks to ! Never seen the rakyat so united before, all thanks to !" - retweeted by 87 others on Twitter (my most RTs ever hahah jakun)

4. @sawwaa: My love and courage to all heading for #Bersih. Be safe, and remember what you're fighting for. Don't succumb to those who aggravate you. 

5. @kyspeaks: Rakyat of all ethnic backgrounds still stand together despite the intimidation by police, water cannon and tear gas near maybank

 6. @joshuaongys: in Melbourne is HAPPENING!

It wasn't only in Malaysia, here's what the people in Melbourne had to say:

We want a free and fair election too!

7. @xandriaooi: Australia happening nice and peaceful. It's just a rally. Our country so ketinggalan. Government need to use police force.

8. @xandriaooi: Dear Polis, I don't think the folks rallying are out to cause trouble. If they wanted 2fight, they won't set a date & tell u abt it.#bersih

9. @tziaaa47 Just realize my timeline so freaking now.” 

 And this one made my day.

10. @davidwpy: actually. couldn't we have just emailed the king? 


There were also links to live videos being shot via mobile phones, which made me really angry. Those showing helicopters flying really low throwing canisters and tear gas at people who were unarmed.

Rakyat versus the cops.

This one's epic. (Photo credit to Edmund Bon) #bersih.

If you haven't already, do follow me on twitter @rachelkristen.

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