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Rachel Kristen
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 1:36 AM
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Last weekend was a busy one. Woke up early on Saturday to accompany the boys for their sound check for AFO Radio's Angel Search at Sunway Pyramid.

 Broad daylight. Believe it or not, it took three days for the entire stage set up.

In case you haven't heard, AFO Radio is an online radio station that plays the latest hits like the other stations we listen to everyday. Though they have only been around for a couple of months, they currently reach out to thousands of listeners from all over the world. 

Outfit in the afternoon.

The whole afternoon flew by so quickly, we were starving and tired from the sound check. Mainly because we waited for the rehearsals with the girls. Think Victoria Secret's Fashion show (my favourite!) Of course La Senza's wasn't that glamorous but it was fun nonetheless.

Event started at around eight that night, and the boys from Freeloaders Inc was fortunate to be the main act throughout the 3 hours show. They played three sets including covers by JET, Kings of Leon, Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Kimi played bass for us that night.

Spot our band logo in the background! :)

There were tons of photographers, media and VIPs from various brands and main sponsors. But of course, the main highlight of the night was the girls!

 Video segment of the contestants. Only one winner was to be chosen out of the 10 beautiful ladies.

Clothing was sponsored by LEE and La Senza. (ohh lala!)

The girls DIYed their clothing in one of the catwalks (fierce!)

 Shaz flirting with one of the contestants. Heh. (looking pretty cute though! :D)

Our friend, Kelsey was one of the Angels that night.

There was also a VIP area with free flow of drinks and finger food sponsored by Frames.

 Cute AFO radio cupcake!

Cute background, cannot resist not taking a photo =P

and so did the guys!

At the VIP area with my champagne ;)

Before we know it, they were already announcing the winners. Grand prize winner walks away with a Hyundai car and RM 3,000 cash prize! How awesome. I must say, it was nerve-wracking, I could feel their excitement as the emcees announced the runner ups.

Judges that night and representatives from Lee, Hyundai, La Senza and another sponsor (I'm sorry, I forgot your name it was kinda long =P)

And the lucky girl and winner for the Angel search.... with a name similar to the word Angel too...

is Angelia. Congratulations!

Can I have your pair of wings? =P

We rooted for Kelsey but she walked away as the 3rd place winner. Congrats babe! :)

And thank you AFO Radio for this wonderful night.

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