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Cartoon date.
Saturday, August 27, 2011, 12:36 AM
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It's Friday again and what's even better is that holiday starts right now (well at least for me =P).

Anyway, I watched my first play a couple of months ago and recently, Soularone convinced me to go on a cartoon date. It's funny how he did it, "come watch it and we can snap a lot of photos -__-"

How dare he tempt me with photographs but I'm not saying no to that hahah plus he's been wanting to bring me to a play for ages so..

 What I wore: A simple long sleeved top from Miss Selfridge, shorts from Cotton On, and my #forever21 bag.

Some people actually thought I have pink highlights because of the feather earrings but that got me thinking..if I should get some real pink highlights =P

We dropped by Chic Pop earlier in the afternoon and quickly grabbed my favourite ice cream from The Last Polka before continuing our date.

 Supported the breast and cervical cancer awareness campaign that afternoon. Yay free t-shirt! Bleh.

Spent the whole afternoon at The Bee and checked out the stalls at Chic Pop before heading to KLPAC.

 It's a rather nice place for photos.

Look who's the vain pot now.


The play we watched, Cartoon is written by Steve Yockey. A tale of characters in Toontown coated with a little bit of drama and politics.

"Follow the misadventures of Trouble after he stole the sacred sledgehammer that the bratty Esther commands her troops with. Watch as a band of mismatched characters find themselves in a plot with too many twists."

 It was pretty fun to watch, what a great day!

A couple more pictures that we took that day, credits to Soularone.


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