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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Down and about.
Thursday, August 11, 2011, 1:00 AM
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AHCHU! I'm sneezing away as I'm typing but my body is reluctant to shut this rectangle box that's staring at me. Every now and then my friends would ask why I fall ill so easily. It's simply because I have an extra weak immune system. Even as a kid, dad used to bring me to our family doctor almost every week, so much so that there was no need for consultation. Pfft.

We made it easy for both parties, straight to medication and being the kind soul that he is, Dr. Woo won't even charge a single cent.

This is how I look like now. *sneeze*

So the past few days have been extremely hectic, slept at ungodly hours doing I don't know what but one thing's for sure is getting my dose of DVDs and catching up on movies that I enjoy. Such a movie buff.


Also been looping this cover of Alicia Key's If I Ain't got You by Maroon 5 after Marky tweeted about it. You gotta check it out, sharing the love yo.



Oh and of course since it's the month of Ramadhan, how can I forget our dose of goodies from the pasar ramadhan at ss18.

The ayam percik, ikan bakar, cream caramel, satay daging ohh yumm yumm!

Speaking of which, I think it's time to lose some weight. Been putting on kilos ever since I started working -___-" but luckily we had our nuffies badminton day recently.

 Yes, boss and HR wants us to be #foreverslim and young wtf #3!

A bunch of us went to the new place in town called, Water Place because my colleague, Andrew was spinning and emceeing that night.


A friend asked: "Where is Water Place, babe? Will we get wet?"


 With Aiko (Andrew's hot Japanese girl friend)

So happy that we met our fellow Monashians that night. From left: Luke, Yung lin, Philip and I.

Seriously been a long while since I went to a club so it took a while to get ready because my clothes are all for aunties. Nah kidding, cupboard filled with work and casual clothing.

#5 My new buy, black pumps (wedges) from Pyramid.
#6 Also recently got a hair cut from Miko galere in Pavilion. 

 It was my first visit (they charge RM 75 for wash, cut and blow) and man was I surprised! They gave me an ipad2 instead of magazines to occupy my time so I played "cut the rope" and couldn't help moving about whenever the candy fails to reach the frog.

Some people ask how I maintain such long hair and where I get my trim. Honestly, I go to random salons, whenever as long as I'm comfortable with the vibe it gives me. Funny. The only regular ones I go to are in Holiday Plaza in JB, which I hardly visit anymore.


Speaking of which, I really love hair braids. Instead of using plain accessories, tie plates and make an accessory out of your own hair.

via Beautylish.com

Wish I had all the time in the morning for a nice hair do like any of these before I go to work heh. Might get more business =P

#8 Signature dessert at Zen-Q's outlet in Pyramid (located next to the Burger King near the bowling alley). Its taste is similar to Snowflake's bestseller but this one has lesser ice so you can really taste the grass jelly. Is this a craze or will it stay?

Alright, the medicine is kicking in. Update soon, xx! :)

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