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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Our afternoon at the Geopark.
Sunday, August 21, 2011, 1:16 AM
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So we arrived at Langkawi and first things first, we rented a car to get us around. It was my first trip to the island so I was pretty excited.

We traveled to nearby beaches, walked, and explored the shops around town. Of all things, what really made my day was the fact that I found my favourite fragrance in one tiny shop at Kuah Town.

My Boum. 

Dad bought me this fragrance when he visited Sarawak last year and I've been hooked to this scent ever since. :) Can you believe it? A big city like KL and those fancy malls they call MidValley, 1Utama and Sunway Pyramid don't have it. Bleh.

So anyway, while driving around looking for nice places to jalan-jalan, we stumbled upon Langkawi's Geopark (same as where the cable car is located) and it was so fun!

There were shops selling clothes and what not plus also a rabbit farm.

Entrance is free but you can buy carrots to feed them, starving rabbits. SHOO CUTE! >.<

Friendly geese.

The Geopark is like a mini zoo. There's even a cafe for you to chill while getting close to a tiger.

 For a moment we went in thinking, "Err.... is the table cloth as far as it gets?"

But then it finally came out. of. no. where.


She's beautiful, Langkawi's first tiger--found in a restaurant inside GeoPark.
So you can sip on your glass of hot coffee, eat that Affogato or dessert while enjoying the scenery (and tiger stretching) for as long as you're there.

Since we were already there, off we went on a cable car ride to the peak of the island.

That's Khairie and Ezra consoling Shaz -__-" I even took a video, it's hilarious now that I look back, we were laughing most of the time.

The view from the first platform. The cable car takes you to two stops, and lastly to a nicely designed bridge that got my heart beating real fast.

 Instead of getting my tan, it was freezing cold and rainy that day. But of course, we still managed to have fun!


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