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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Best musical ever!
Saturday, September 24, 2011, 8:59 PM
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Okay honestly, I have never enjoyed musicals, ever. When they told me you HAVE TO watch a musical in London, a part of me was reluctant but to my surprise, it was..


We didn't just watch one, not two.. but THREE MUSICALS! Yes, it was THAT good.
Sorry, I just had to keep using Capital letters here =P

My experience in the theaters in Piccadilly really changed the perception I once had about musicals. Boring, trying to hard, dramatic, boring.

On my second night, Ming took us to watch Wicked the Musical.

Wicked tells the story about the Wicked Witch from the classic novel Wizard of Oz. The main character, Elphaba grows up to become the infamous witch but she's a smart and often misunderstood person who challenges our ideas about the nature of good and evil.

I went in with  no expectations whatsoever but the singing, acting, dancing, and set up blew my mind..left me speechless that I didn't mind watching it over ..and over again.

 Heck, it was so good that I bought their novel right after the show and mind you, I never NEVER buy novels (at least not for myself).

I can say for sure that this had to be the best musical ever! I found a clip of Rachel Tucker (she's super awesome!) who played Elphaba.

My musical nights didn't just stop there, but rather..it continued for the next 2 days. We saw Lion King too! Although I felt Wicked was better, I had to give credits to the casts and costumes in Lion King. The songs brought back memories of when I was a kid "hakuna matata" it was so fun to watch!

Tim and I outside the theatre

We couldn't snap pictures inside but here's a sneak peak:
 Gorgeous auditorium and settings.
After being blown away by the standards of musicals in London, by hook or by crook I had to watch my favourite romance film of all time!!


Ghost (the movie starred Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze..not forgetting my favourite Whoopi Goldberg!)

My expectations were a lot higher because I've seen the film a thousand times. I knew the scenes like the back of my hands :D and I'm happy to say, I was not..at all..disappointed.

I'm so glad we serenaded ourselves with the best musicals in the world.

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