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Rachel Kristen
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Sunday, September 4, 2011, 9:29 PM
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They say everything happens for a reason but what if the reason, whatever it is.. is not enough a reason to justify whatever that is happening? 

That little chat with mum made me realize how I was as a child. She explained how different her little girl behaved when we're all in a group with other kids back when I was barely seven. Other children would build sandcastles, fix legos, or change Barbie dresses but I was nothing like that. And I laughed when my older cousin, Janice told me how she had to finish up the leftover on my plate just because I took forever (almost 2 hours) to chew my food and my dad would scream if he saw that the amount of rice remained the same after so long -__-"

God, this is embarrassing.

On a side note, I was reading a book today and the page on depression got me thinking. 

It said, "you are most probably clinically depressed if you answer more than 5 YESes --you know, like those pop quizzes some of us like answering to see how high we score" and I thought, well..the book is probably right. 

I answered YES to these:

- If your appetite goes up and down (you eat a lot or if you eat too little)
- If you can't sleep or if you sleep too much but still energy deprived and feeling lethargic
- If you feel sad or cry easily and can't control negative thoughts
- If you are easily irritable and agitated
- If you experience loss of interest in daily activities that you enjoy or find pleasurable

But then again, almost everyone (I know) would be clinically depressed if this was true =P

 It also got me thinking what it would be like if we were on a separate path.

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