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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Favourite buys!
Friday, September 30, 2011, 1:11 AM
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I thought it would be different this time but I WAS WRONG! 

To my surprise, I came back with all these.

I know it's crazy! Now, try picturing a petite girl carrying and dragging her 21kg luggage with two hand-carry bags and a backpack...and a handbag -__-" 

Felt like I was being punished for buying back souvenirs because we had to walk SO MUCH with the bags (only checked in my main luggage to maintain the quota so they wouldn't charge us).When we arrived the first night, I literally locked my purse worried about the thought of "overspending".  

Btw, it's MYR 4.9 for GBP 1 now! don't know if I should laugh or cry.

So anyway, these are my favourite buys from all over the place:


Souvenirs from Knightsbridge


 Couldn't resist all the sweet stuff and dark chocolate <3

According to Ming, it's the best chocolate in town so I bought like almost a dozen to be given away as souvenirs #nuffiesfatrace *reminds self

 My basket at Poundland (everything @ GBP1)

The fudge we bought from Borough market was so awesome! If you're wondering why a photo with this guy? It's not because he's cute but he called us his "BEST CUSTOMER EVER" after we bought like a dozen boxes from him hahahahah

Borough market is a food market that has almost everything from red curry to creme brulee to fish n chips! <3 I think I've figured out why all the photos I took of London look so beautiful..it's because of their clear blue skies. Really! Look at the clouds in KL the skies look grey and hazy.


 This was HEAVEN when we saw it, it was calling out to us! PRIMARK IS THE BOMB. Everything is from GBP3 to about GBP15..the shoes, the accessories, leggings, bags, clothes, everything!

It's really fun shopping at Oxford and Regent street because of their huge ass shops. 5 STOREYS TOP SHOP? FOREVER 21? URBAN OUTFITTERS? *pengsan*

Boots from Topshop and flats from Primark for GBP8!

I think the girls went crazy shopping (but I think we stopped feeling guilty after the 2nd day) 

We shop, eat, shop, talk, and shop all day long! while..the guys...I mean the guy..
waits. I'm just kidding, he had his shopping monster moment too!


Marc B handbag from TopShop for mum <3

and I got dad a jersey while in Old Trafford..The initial jersey costs about GBP40 but thanks to boss Tim, it's now worth at least GBP 800! WHY?


Autographed by Mame Biram from Man U, for dad.


From Covent garden,

My new Nike wear! <3 Been looking around for something like that but they don't have it in KL, saw a similar one at Adidas but I saw this one and zoommmm got it!


I went to this shop adult shop by Ann Summers and look what I found!

Damn cute jelly willies beans! =P 


Do you notice the colour difference? My second best buy has got to be this, take a wild guess?

I've always loved going to beaches and sun tanning but too much tanning in the open can give you freckles and harm your skin in the long run. SO.. I found an alternative.

Self-tanning lotion by St. Tropez (click here for more info)

I got some products from their local store, Superdrugs. It's like the UK version of Watsons and I love shopping in personal stores because they have everything under the sun! Literally! :D

I also found this little french manicure set going for only GBP2! :D bought the Nail Drying spray at Poundland (yes, you know how much that costs!) heheheh

DIY French manicure

So anyway back to self tanning, I got the St. Tropez's bestselling bronzing mousse to try on and the results are amazing!

Basically self tanning lotion/mousse/bronzer works by reacting with the dead cells (outer layer) of your skin and it contains the DHA that causes the chemical reaction with the skin surface. It does not involve skin pigmentation and also doesn't require sunlight to initiate colour change. Best of all, no need to worry about getting freckles under the sun!

It's only been less than a week but @Soularone calls me Ms. Brown now -__-"
but on the bright side, it's super awesome! Good thing it smells great too and I use the gradual tan lotion twice a week to maintain the skin colour..now I can tan effortlessly even when I'm not at the beach! <3

Gotta be the best gift ever. But wait, there's still ONE more left. 

If you're following my twitter, you'd probably know the answer. It's...


Jeng jeng jeng.

These two books are my best buys! I don't read a lot but this is just simply entertaining.

I got the little black book for you-know-how =P The first page of the Insults and Comebacks got me hooked.

Under the content page, there's the Introduction (preparing to unleash the beast), insults separated by several categories -- Looks (when it's only skin deep), The Young and the Old (when it's more than a number), Brains (when they just don't get it), Character (when they totally suck), and Counter-Attacks (when it's time to strike back). TOTALLY USEFUL hahaha I kid.

And before I go, here's a couple of insults meant solely for entertainment okay? :D

~ You have such a striking face. Tell me, how many times were you struck there?

~ You're dark and handsome. When it's dark, you're handsome.

Just Plain Stupid
~ If brains were taxed, you'd get a rebate.

For jerks
~ If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.

*are you laughing yet? =P*

Liars and Cheats
~ You'd make a great politician.  ;)


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