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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Madam Tussauds, Baker's Street.
Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 1:46 AM
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I thought twice before visiting London's famous wax museum. 

At first I thought what's the big deal, then a "but" came to my mind, but..what if you never get to go again, ever? "It is going to be fun" *gasps* so I hopped onto the tube and off I went to Baker's Street.

At first glance, I thought it wasn't anything special but since ticket was priced at 28.80 GBP (that's about RM 141/person) so it has to be good!

The first wax figure I saw, Jim Carrey..welcoming me.

 He looked so.....young. 

Pretty unique stuff I saw the moment I got off the lift.

Some of the figures were SO REAL, I kid you not. 

You see this woman in the above picture? The one snapping picture of a wax figure, standing about 5"6 in the middle of nowhere?

 Well I thought she was just one of us but who knew she too..is made out of wax. I felt silly for a bit saying excuse me because she was in the way -__-"

The wax figures are all separated into categories i.e. sports, celebrities, musicians and what nots.

They have wax figures of marvel characters too! Here's a favourite:

According to the person in charge, the costume worn by this particular Captain America figure is the same one worn in the movie :O So I couldn't help but touched the guns, cloth, shield and bleh. YAY!

Just when I thought it was the end, it was only the beginning of a pretty scary journey.

Halfway through exploring, I unknowingly queued up for their Scream Park. No photos but you can imagine, all dark and quiet, you walk in step by step not knowing what or who's going to pop out. Apart from wax figures, they have real human beings pretending to be zombies that scared the shit out of the first three persons..including me! LITERALLY SCREAMED.

So anyway, we moved on into a taxi train (picture a mini roller coaster ride) that took us back to the 1930s and retro years. I felt like it was in a different era altogether. Right after, we watched a 4D Avengers movie clip (about 15 min) and it was AMAZING! 

Unlike any other 3D movie, this clip they showed us had characters like Wolverine, Ironman, Hulk, Spiderman, etc. fighting against the villain and the best part? We could feel the effect of their punches, sweat, and tears. Like seriously, for a moment I felt water coming out of my seat, Wolverine's claw at on my spine and Hulk's punches on my feet. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

It was all pretty worth the hundred over dollars, here are my favourite wax figures:

#Amy Winehouse

#Johnny Depp

#Oh-so-sexy Robert Downey- Wolverine Jr. :D

and of course, the most incredible..


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