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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
The day we hijacked..
Friday, October 21, 2011, 1:05 PM
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A radio station. Seriously.

Check out Aforadio.com

Just one week ago, we hijacked Afo Radio's studio for a good two hours. Maybe not hijacked, we were invited to host a show, The Rock Show, one of their most popular segments where they feature artistes and local bands like Dragon Red, Blister, and other musicians. We were lucky to be part of this and of course excited too!

We met the night before at Vince's to go through a rough itinerary and rehearsed our parts. Well not rehearsed but just so we don't stumble and make a fool of ourselves too far beyond hahah

It was our first time hosting on air, emceeing is a lot different because you can see a crowd, gather their reaction and pose questions to get feedback and move on from there. BUT ON THE RADIO IT'S THE OPPOSITE. You face four alls, well, fully cushioned walls wit microphones, headphones, and computers all around you. WHAT SAY YOU.

I wasn't nervous until we got there...late (as usual because look who's driving =P err hum). So anyway, we had 15 min to prepare and learn the buttons and what nots. It's easier said than done, really! When Navsta (Aforadio's DJ) showed us the volume, buttons, where to click, where to pause when you want to speak through the mics, how not to make sure people don't hear you talking in the background, 

My fingers were iced cold and memories went blank. Worse than a gold fish.

 I kid you not.

We wanted to make it as informal as possible, so we got our followers and fans involved via Twitter and Facebook. We called for song request for our #freeloading session with AFO Radio.

 We played as many songs as we can while talking about band experiences, funny moments and random stuff about which performers we liked and hated..ohh and the fun part was responding to the listeners of the station who wrote in while the Rock Show was on! How cool is that! :D

In another part of the show Shaz and Vince also played a cover of Neon Tree's animal and two of Freeloaders Inc's cover- Under the Willow Tree and Soul Shaker.

Will share the link with you guys once they send it across! I think I still prefer emceeing in front of a live crowd phew, but that was some fun experience..even Navsta was surprised *hint hint* :)

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