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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Dress up time!
Monday, October 31, 2011, 12:34 AM
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Hey guys, it's that time of the year again. Happy Halloween!

Just a quick one to share how the nuffies celebrated Halloween this year. Well it's still the same old dressing up and partying although the team has grown a lot bigger this year. Before I share what we did last night, here's a recap of Halloween last year:

We had Wonder Woman, half angel/devil, Audrey Hepburn, and a lot more hotties!

We were in The Ascotts back then.

We both look very different one year ago  (I still had black hair! =P)

Fast forward one year later. 
I must say the eagerness to party and celebrate is still strong in our hearts but most of our stamina fell from a solid number to negative..seriously! We need a few days of rest just after a few hours of partying. -__-" sigh, all these signs of aging.

I didn't have much time to dress up because of a meeting with the organisers for an upcoming Charity Gala dinner for the band. I'm pretty excited because things are going great for the boys.

So anyway, before we headed to Zouk for their annual Halloween party, the party had already started in the evening at the Astro B.yond Hollywood & Celebrity night at Mont Kiara. Well the theme was basically to dress up as your favourite Hollywood star. So I figured the best way is to come in a costume that fits both event.

I love going for bloggers' events because they really put in a lot of effort in dressing up. That's the winner of best dressed female (above) congrats!

Ky as Marilyn Manson (I liked how he carried his guitar hero around last night) and his partner, Haze as the late Amy Winehouse.

So originally I had wanted to become a vampire (i know, it's so common!) but it's the easiest! Anyway, I started thinking more ever since we finished the entire Season 1-4 of True Blood. I love that series! 
 and my favourite vampire would be Jessica, YES THAT GIRL IS HOT!

I don't know if it's just me but I think she's grown prettier in the latest season. That's not a bad thing! :D

But then my plans didn't work out in the end due to the lack of time (though I already had gotten a cape and accessories) at 5pm just right after my meeting ended I panicked for a moment not knowing what to wear then Shaz told me that I could go as Emma Stone when I asked which brunette he likes. Pfft. So he secretly has a crush on Emma Stone. Don't ask me who's Emma Stone again or I'll keel you! (ok..ok..she's the chick in Easy A, Zombieland, my new favourite flick --Crazy Stupid Love (must watch! it's damn hilarious), and the upcoming Spiderman!!)

This is Emma Stone in Easy A (notice the A on her dress, you have to watch the movie to understand), but anyway, I decided to become Emma for the night at the Hollywood themed party.

and this is her looking very elegant in red lipstick.

It was also my first time trying to pull of a red lipstick look, but for starters here's my A that I randomly created out of a magazine page because of my short preparation time (barely 30 mins and I did my make up in less than 15 crazy!)

At first I was worried about how it'd turn out but then the thought just flew past while we were rushing to get there. When we got there, it was so nice seeing everyone in different costumes and make up.

Andrew and I

Merryn (the hot mama) who came as Britney Spears! I hope I'd be like her when I'm a parent myself =S still so slender and fashionable, me likey!

From left: Nic gan, Michelle, Rina, Nicholas "Pitbull" Chay, Joshua, me and KY.

With the very sporting Min who came as Chewie. 

Here's my favourite picture of Chewie looking all tired hahahah

The nuffies all dressed up as famous Hollywood celebs, we had Eminem, Poison Ivy, the Olsen twins, and many more. 

With Mimi and Karen

With Pinky the Black Swan, she did the make up herself watching online tutorials. I thought it looked really nice!

A close up.

With the sexy Fresh as catwoman! Meow.

Shaz came with me and guess which character he decided to act as? :D

Constantine with the very spiky hairdo =P

Love this picture of us :)

Another picture with Mary-Kate Olsen heheh

and off we went to Zouk after the Hollywood party. Man, I'm seriously in need of energy juice.
It was fun, we got to make fun of each other and dress up to the nines. I hope Astro IPTV would come to my area soon *shrieks more TrueBlood whee!*

It would also be nice watching in HD and recording my favourite shows using their PVR.

Have a great Halloween guys! Xx

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