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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Hello curls!
Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 11:53 AM
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I remember back in high school when most of us were dressed in blue pinafores, some girls would either alter their skirts shorter, dress in baju kurung wearing fancy bras, or have their hair rebonded, meaning dead straight. Aye, no smirking because I too had super straight hair last time.
It was the IN THING back then -__-" 


I was from an all girls' school by the way..so girls influence girls..in a way.

Over the past couple of years, I've also overcome a couple of bad experiences with sucky hairstylists and salons.

 LOreal Hair Show in 2008


That was the worst perm I've ever had, not only did it stick with me for a few months, it was a struggle to put them in place every morning before lectures and tutorials. FML.

As I grew older, I've stayed away from short haircuts mainly because I didn't think short hair would suit my face shape. The round/oval shape.

People won't take me seriously if I look like a kid either =P


A few months ago I finally did what I wanted, bangs. And surprisingly it didn't look too bad..or at least that's what most people said lol

Remember that before you do anything, you have to test the waters first. So I got myself a clip-on fringe to see how bangs would look like on my big forehead.

Not too much of a difference from the real bangs I had later on.

One thing I like about having bangs is that it looks stylish even when you're having a bad hair day. Just tie them in a pony tail or a bun, slip on a pair of jeans and top and you're ready to paint the town red hahah my secret =P

Today I also noticed how most girls I know can never stick to one hairstyle. 
It's true, who doesn't like to look better, hotter, and sexier? Little things can make you look very different, even if it's just a change in hair colour. 

I met a client whom I've not seen in months yesterday and the first thing he said, "Everytime I see you, you have a different hairstyle of colour" LOL *nods*

But truth be told no matter how I try to change my hair style, the length is still going to be long. 

So last weekend when Shaz and I went shopping in Times Square, I hopped into Kimarie, can't remember which floor, they have 10 storeys -__-" 
Originally I just wanted a hair cut because since my hair is already wavy I thought no point wasting money to curl but then my hairstylist was an awesome sales woman, I got conned into trying their Korean perm.

Okla, not conned. It was actually great because I love the outcome! You know all those soppy Korean movies and movies like 200 Pounds Beauty, I've always admired Kim Ah Joong's hair in that movie! And whenever I try to explain that kind of curls, any hairstylists would tell me.. "it's all fake la, you can't perm these curls, they are all set using hair tongs, curlers, what nots".

But Voyce (the name of my hairstylist) assured me that I would like the Korean perm..so I did it.

The whole process took about 2 hours, no equipments needed. Just 2 kinds of hair cream, hair strengthener and curly. First she applied the strengthener and left it on for 10 min, before applying the lasting cream and curling my hair into a moderate level. 

And the result:

Soft, airy curls--although it won't last as long as a year, the Korean perm helped define my wavy hair more, now I don't need hair buns to create natural wavy curls =D *jumps in joy*

Close up

Feels like I just got out of a hair salon, you girls should try it too if you like curls that are not to harsh and curly =P

Be right back soon xx! :)

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