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Rachel Kristen
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My Bizzy Body Day Out!
Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 1:40 AM
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Hi! When it comes to self pampering, I don't deny that it's something I love doing. After a long week staring at computer screens and working, it is only right that we put our feet down, relax and pamper ourselves, no? heheheh

Realized that my photos are way backdated but I'm still sharing it anyway. All thanks to Bizzy Body, it was a great opportunity for me to lose some fats while pampering my body.

With Traclyn, Charlene, Li Hua, and the staff from the Sunway Pyramid outlet. We were lucky to try out Bizzy Body's signature E-Intense treatment worth RM 660! :)

It was so sweet of them to create a bunting just for the cosy session.

So anyway, the entire e-intense treatment takes about 2 sessions to complete. It's a package and a mixture of 2 separate treatments including their Marine Detox wrap and their slimming treatment that includes the use of an Infra Ray heat blanket (you know, those warm blanket that makes you sweat?) Well let me explain a little more in a bit.

Frankly, I've never tried any slimming centres and sessions before this so this was my first time (another cherry popped!) Of course as a freshie, I'd have tons of questions popping in my tiny head and  I always figured just cutting down the carbs would do some good since my weight goes up and down pretty easily. Most of my questions were answered by their friendly staff who even gave me a strict diet plan! Seriously, you want an idea? Tofu and eggs for the first three days--nothing else!

*hell no I thought!* hahaha but the treatments provided are not exactly meant to make me lose weight miraculously, of course it would take a couple more and determination, silly.

The Marine Detox wrap is designed to help detoxify the body and improve the body contour. You know, like help you achieve the best shape and force your fats to go in the right direction? Err hum. Okay la, I kid. Basically the Marine Detox wrap helps to enhance fat metabolism and it consists of a marine detox body mask, a body contour wrap, and an infra ray heat blanket.

This is how the mask looks like:

Close up:

After its application (it's pretty cold! especially when the rooms are air-conditioned!) the female therapist would help me cling wrap my body while explaining how and why she did it. Apparently by wrapping your entire body (very tightly!), it would help the nutrients and detoxifying components penetrate faster and better into our bodies.

After which I rested in the infra ray heat blanket for a good 30 minutes. *ahh so comfy* I felt warm and cosy, almost dozed off in the rather dim lights.

I started sweating after about 10 minutes (and mind you, I don't sweat easily! except for when I'm at the gym running my ass off!) and time flew by really quickly. I had to wash off the mask right after and my skin felt extremely smooth like tofu after that. :) Right after, my therapist took my measurements again (she did once before we started applying the mask) and I did feel like my skin became a lot toner.
Not going to reveal my measurements, like how women are sensitive about their age muahahah 

The second treatment was focusing more towards slimming the body after detoxing in the first round. So I had my second session at the same outlet a day later because it is advisable to complete the E-Intense within 3 days after your first session. So basically the slimming treatment helps burn off fats and increase metabolism rate and digestion. Once again I am assigned to a therapist who will take my measurements and answer any questions I have while finding out my concerns and of course, she shared what my ideal weight should be in accordance to my height.

As women, we are most of the time insecure about something, anything. Be it our arms, thighs, tummy, or..wherever. In simple words, we are never satisfied.

For this slimming treatment, they used this machine with wires that could target certain body parts and it felt like current was going through the outer layer of my skin. Not painful at all, instead I felt a tingling sensation (you know how when you turn on OSIM and it vibrates so fast, you feel itchy? yes that's it! =P)

So it lasted for about 30 minutes before I proceeded with my heat blanket, but this time with Ginseng oil to accompany the super tight cling wrap. I swear I felt like a mummy for a moment, couldn't move much..but...my waist never felt that tiny in a long while hahahah

 This time around, I really dozed off while in the heat blanket, it felt sooo comfortable although I could barely feel my body due to the tightness of the cling wrap. My favourite part is when my therapist removes the wrap with her unique scissors, felt like a big relieve :D There was not a very big difference in my body size or weight but my skin definitely felt a lot smoother and tone after the detoxifying and wrapping to shape my body. 

You can find out more information on Bizzy Body's E-Intense treatment (awarded Best Slimming Treatment in 2010 Spas & Salons Awards by the Women's Weekly magazine) on their website or Facebook page. They are currently running a promotion of RM 7 per treatment, you can try it out when you register at their site. :)

Some pictures of my outfit that day:

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