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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
My first make-up tutorial EVER
Thursday, October 27, 2011, 12:23 AM
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You know it's true when they say, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. A simple routine can turn any plain Jane into someone noticeable.

I've always wanted to blog an entry about makeup but never had the time to so finally here comes my very first makeup tutorial. Sorry to disappoint you because it's not a video. To test the waters I figured just photos will do for now *video shy* =P

Recently I find myself to be in an extremely jolly Christmas mood and this look (with some Christmas flavours) is very simple to achieve only takes 15mins tops!

My stash of makeup tools.

Just a quick before and after before I begin.

I learned a few tips from makeup artists at shoots and some of them are really useful. I also try to keep the make up minimal because the makeup done at shoots are extremely thick, sometimes I feel like my skin is screaming for air.

For starters, I use the BB Cream by Dr.G (Korean brand) on my face.

Only a tiny pinch will do because you don't want to look too fair and not match your neck and arms.
Use a sponge when you apply to achieve a balanced surface.

I like starting from the top to bottom, so instead of starting with my eyes I start with the brows. Well shaped eyebrows can help to brighten up your face, try to use tones that are similar to your hair colour.

1. Start by shaping your brows with an eyebrow pencil (it doesn't have to be in a perfect shape, just an outline will do)
2. I prefer using eyebrow shadow and fill them with a brush (like in the photo above) - use an angled brush for easier application
3. Start filling your eyebrows, remember to keep it light on the edge and darker on the arch.

This next step is optional to make your nose look sharper you can shade the sides of your nose with the same eyebrow tone.

I know I look funny here but waittttt!

Once you're done with your eyebrows and shading, move on to the most important part- your eyes. Instead of using the typical dark blue, grey or black shades, try something different.

I'm going to use a bright neon yellow/green colour on my eyes. But before you apply this, put on a makeup base or any neutral tones on your lids and beneath your brows.

I've learned that it's better to use your fingers when applying eyeshadow. Use your fourth finger (ring finger) instead of your pointer or third finger because it's a lot gentle and doesn't put too much pressure onto your lids. Gently pat your lids (do not swipe the colours like how you'd do lotions)

Good thing is when you apply the base with your ring finger, your tear ducts will naturally carry some shimmer of that neutral tone. So right after applying the yellow on your lids (place more focus in the middle because you'll be blending in a darker tone at the corners of your eyes)

Brushes for blending and application

Next, blend in a darker tone at the corners of your eye using brush (1)

I'm using Dark Brown (shimmer) from Definite.

Make sure you blend in properly to avoid looking like you just got punched in the eyes =P Apply the brown shade on an upward motion to blend in with the yellow.

When you're done with both eyes, apply liquid eyeliner (for more defined look) onto the upper lids.

I'm using the Black liner from Cybercolors. Remember to extend the line at the corners, I drew two lines at the end to give it a "lash wing" look so that the eyes would appear longer.

Besides the regular black liner, try using colour pencil/crayon liners. They help to brighten your eyes.

Here I'm using Dark green from Maybelline, connect the green with the first "wing" of the black liner. Remember to continue blending with your brush.

And don't forget the bottom lids, you can use the same brown shade and green liner for the bottom lids.

I prefer applying them at the corners until the middle portion of your pupils. This will make your eyes pop.

Finish up the eyes with a pair of false lashes. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for more dramatic lashes if it's a night event. I use the black eyelid glue for this look.

If you're used to applying lashes then you can opt for the black one that gives you an additional liner on your lids otherwise the usual transparent glue will do.

And finally, the cheeks. I use a bronzer instead of the pink blusher to achieve a sun tan glow.

I'm using the bronzer from TopShop, remember to apply the bronzer upwards from your cheeks to the corners of your forehead.

To finish up the look you can apply some highlighter onto your nose bridge and areas that you want to enhance.

 To keep the look simple, you can use the lipgloss but here my lips are nude.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial, let me know what you think of it? :)


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