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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
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Monday, October 3, 2011, 10:49 PM
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People told me I had to visit Camden but Tim said that place is too Gothic for him. I still remember his exact phrase, "If you get rob call me okay? but if you get rape, better call the police" and I was thinking to myself, how do I even call the cops on my temporary O2 line, I had no idea how or where but in the end, I wandered off to Camden town with my partner in crime later that day, Zen who happened to be in London with his family.

The Goth image in my mind at that point of time. (image here)

After Borough market, I took the tube to Camden town. Arrived shortly before Zen and I was extremely amazed and glad that we went. 

Zen and I

No, the place isn't all fancy and posh. Neither is it filled with people in boots and suits or branded sweaters. BUT I was blown away by the uniqueness of every shop, they each have their own taste to the look and feel, suiting the character. It was almost like they came to life--I was THAT blown away.

It was like a 3D version of those regular shops we see..everywhere. I snapped this picture for Audrey because she's fourfeetnine :D

It was so colourful everywhere, brightened up my day even though my feet were calling out SOS!

Even the Adidas shop (below) had an amazing layout:

Camden Town was filled with at least 5 different markets selling almost everything under the sun. There were tons of clothing, bags, accessories, arts and crafts, food, tech gadgets, and many more. You name it!

But what I admired most about the place (apart from the buildings and shops) was the people at Camden, the Camdenians :) They were strange in their own way, body full of tattoos and piercings but not in a scary way, great sense of style, artsy and street wear everywhere, everything just felt so purrrfect.

 Yours truly blending in :D

 This restaurant uses bikes as stools for their customers when they dine in.
A lion sculpture in the middle of nowhere.

Creativity needs no explanation, it's just how it is. OHH, did I also mention that we met up with beautiful Eleen (who's now working for SIA) at Leiscester Square the day before? :D

Us being typical Malaysians, we never fail to bring the house down wherever we are.

Even if it means halfway across the globe ;)


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