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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Bonbrow by Empro
Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 6:55 PM
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Here's an update after one week.

This was taken within the first few days after the treatment. Colour still fairly dark.

Close up:

and finally after waiting for seven days..I'm extremely happy with the results from my experience with Empro's embroidery.

For comparison's sake:

It is very natural looking, many have asked if I'd recommend them and if it's painful. My answer; it is definitely worth the try, pain is bearable if you would like to redefine your looks further. I'm going for the complimentary touch up (same procedures in a month's time).

Read more (full details) below :)


Hi guys, you would know by now if you're following me on twitter that I did something drastic last Sunday.. =S

 Post bonbrow.

..not drastic to a great extent but..drastic lah. =P After discussing with Angie, Rina and Mimi in the office, I decided..

Bonbrow is the latest technology for eyebrow embroidery by Empro and it is specifically designed to give our eyebrows a natural look. 

Especially if you have eyebrows like mine, sparse and fugly. 

This is me on Sunday morning, hair fell flat into centre parting like a geek.

And if you're untalented like me, with no eyebrows shaping skill you better do something about it -__-" The moment your brows grow longer you either need to shave, go for threading (better choice!), or pluck them.

because you don't want to look like this:


okay, I'm just kidding.

It was obvious..the signs were there.. the concourse event, promoters (damn good sales person!), booths, photos.. I finally gave in. Previously I thought that embroidery would make you look fake and ugly, you know those eyebrows (tattooed onto your skin) that would peel and look green or reddish?

I searched for Aunty brows and the results showed me this:


 Since we're talking about brows, I decided to do some research. Eyebrows typically define your face, most Chinese I know have pretty sparse eyebrows, it's sad I know. 

The stereotype with us having mono eyelids, semi double lids and sparse brows. No kidding. But trust me, brows help define and brighten your face, it can either make you look extremely haggard or it can make you glow. But of course, you need to find the perfect shape that suits your face.

Better still, follow your brow bone for a natural fit otherwise you will look weird with a straight brow instead of a supposedly arched brow that fits your face. The beautician told me that my brows were uneven :( one side is higher than the other, which is supposed to be normal. I refuse to be NORMAL! >.<

Look even celebrities have trial and error:

Keira Knightley

Thick or Thin? My choice: Thick 
(because her thins brows add age to her pretty face and they highlight her eye bags)

Gwen Stefani

 My choice: Thick! (now you get what I mean, brows that are too thin are just ugly)

Sienna Miller

This one surprisingly, not too thin but her look is better defined with a pair of brows that fit her brow bone

Leighton Meester
See the difference? What eyebrows can do to your look :)

I felt a little heavyhearted, not knowing what to expect and there were a lot of questions in my mind. But the people working at Empro were pretty friendly, my beautician (Irene) first started shaping my brows with an eyebrow liner /pencil.

This process took about almost 30-40 minutes and it's your only chance to voice out your opinions. If you like or hate the shape.

I prefer thicker brows plus after doing bonbrow, your skin will peel and it will start to thin.

Then finally it was time for the embroidery process. She started off with a fresh new needle (make sure you see them using a brand new packet) and starts poking your pores before using anesthetic to slightly numb your brows. The needles poking did hurt a little but it was bearable, but then again my pain tolerance is quite high =P

She took her time, shaping the brows with a needle. It didn't hurt much after the anesthetic. Irene then chose a suitable colour that suits not my hair (because hair colour can change!) but my iris, so dark brown it is!

She explained that the colour would peel within one week and based on recommendations and feedback, all of whom I know tried embroidery loved the results! So I was hoping the same :D

The entire process lasted for a good hour, almost an hour an a half because she would do brow by brow from left to right, up to down. The great thing about Bonbrow is that instead of tattooing, they draw similar (real hair like) brows and lines to create that natural look and the illusion of an authentic eyebrow hair. 

 Bonbrow includes a base colour (brown) and drawn on hair like lines

 Irene's skill was great! It looked exactly like my natural brow, only that it's a little dark when I first finished and it took me a while getting used to..

You can read more here

One hour later
One day later

This is taken 3 days after my Bonbrow treatment, colour is still a little dark but I really like it! :) 

Will share more pictures soon. Xx.

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