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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Happy post!
Monday, November 28, 2011, 6:10 PM
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Sometimes it helps to pause for a moment to ask ourselves and each other from time to time, what is it that makes us really happy. It may only be four words but the answer can be tricky and come to think of it, I would probably need to pick my brains for at least say..a minute or more whenever someone asks, what makes you happy?

Just a random thought. I read somewhere that it helps noting down how we feel, what our goals are be it long or short term, and keeping track of where we stand perhaps every quarter to see if we are on track. 

My happy mix:

- Wouldn't it be nice by the Beach Boys
- Grow old with you by Adam Sandler
- Man, I feel like a woman by Shania Twain
- Don't look back in anger by Oasis
- What's Up by 4 Non Blondes
-Any Maroon Five songs
 - P.D.A by John Legend
- Nobody by Wonder Girls
- Mmmbop by Hanson
- Friday I'm in love by The Cure
- Total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler
- Stop by Spice Girls

By looking at the list of songs, I can safely conclude that I'm an old school-er ;)

To me, being happy means taking little things into account. It could be as simple as someone holding the lift for me to get in so I can punch in to work on time *har har*, or even a smile or gesture to make my day. Of course I'm talking about genuine smile here because I know it when you fake =P

Apart from being sure about our goals and direction in life, being happy could also mean optimism and a happy mind. I'm the sort who gets mad and forgets fast (having a gold fish memory seems to be a plus point here) which is a good thing because happy people see things differently and they affect those around them. But I guess it's normal to feel down once in a while but always believe in enjoying the little things in life and living in the moment.

via the notebook doodles

Being thankful helps too. I think Thanksgiving should be everyday, just like Valentine's Day. It shouldn't be a one-day-oh-we-need-to-give-thanks-or-buy-flowers-kind-of-day. Having been through some scenarios recently I can say that many of us tend to take things for granted. Although I do meet many who are grateful and kind, yet there are still some who are the total opposite. Then again, which human being is perfect? Even I make mistakes but I'm not shy to apologize for things that I did wrong because people learn from mistakes. It irks me to see insensitive and irresponsible fellas at times. They say,

"Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

How true.

Anyway, happy post should be nothing but jolly. I know what makes me happy now! Planning a holiday or road trip does wonders to my happy nerves ahem *hints* =D

Since I have more than a minute to think, some happy things that make my day:
- a hot bath to get my day pumpin' followed by smooth flowing traffic to work
- self pampering at the nails salon (manicure and pedicure makes me week!)
- body massages
- both dressing and catching up
- a happy tweet from anybody
- watch the boys performing on stage
- when anything I experiment succeeds like my last minute perm and eyebrow action hoho!
- singing my lungs out 
- dancing (all kinds!)
- sweating out after yoga or badminton
- knowing that people are appreciative
-chocolates *guilty* (doesn't help that we've got tons of snickers, mars, m&ms and hershey's in the office!)

Q: I'm curious to know what the rest of you think. So, what makes YOU happy? :)

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