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No blue Monday!
Monday, November 7, 2011, 8:02 PM
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This has gotta be one of the most relaxing Mondays, ever!

Just finished the entire Season 1 of Shameless in 2 days (no kidding!) you have to watch it, episodes are most outrageous. Storyline is so messed up, something most of us would enjoy ;)

Shameless - 6 kids all under one roof!

This series tells the story of an extremely dysfunctional family- the Gallaghers. Dad's a drunk, split with mom while the eldest daughter, Fiona (barely 21 years old) holds the family together and eldest son (Philip) who's a smarty pants tutors for sexual favours from the neighbourhood, middle son is gay, wait not done! youngest daughter is sensible but emotional, youngest son, Carl is a psychopath and an arsonist..finally toddler Liam who doesn't actually speak in this series..is a white child..who might actually be black. 

No kidding it's messed up! You can read more here on IMDB.

Apart from stuffing myself with Shameless, I dyed my hair (again) after deciding that the previous colour was a tad too bright :D

No, I didn't go to any salon, but I bought the Liese Bubble Hair Colour.

 This is the only time I can do an Elvis Presley :D

and the results..

A slight darker shade of brown that I am happy with.

Also spent some time checking out 9gag.com after seeing people tweeting about it. They actually have pretty funny stuff. Here are some of my favourites. Have a good laugh peeps! :)









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