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live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
11 months gone by
Saturday, December 3, 2011, 1:45 AM
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By the good old days I actually mean those times when it was less stressful, less dramatic, and fewer responsibilities. I was looking through my old Xanga blog for an old photo of my gown for Angie the other day because she wanted to see what I will be wearing for this coming blog awards but I couldn't find it. Instead, I was a little saddened because back then, I could just scribble without any care in the world, my personal thoughts, my student life, experiences, and nonsense without being judged. Wait, that's not entirely true though there was once I had a blog entry dedicated to me by a hater. But anyway, all's good now heh.

Good news though, I can still fit in that same gown I wore in my first uni prom in 2007! *woohoo!*

To my surprise, I have been blogging for a good 4 years now (since 2007). Reading back gives me mixed feelings because all these notes, they keep my memories alive..in a good but weird way. I can't explain.

So it's that time of the year again when we look back and reflect on the past 11 months, the good and bad, the days that have gone awfully wrong and series of events that made our days.

A recap of my eleven months gone by.Are you ready?

PS. Thank God I created folders by months yeehar! It's a lot easier.

Here we go..


 After two years of traveling to Bangkok during each new year celebration, we finally celebrated Chinese New Year in our new home. The open house, market shopping, ang pow collection was tons of fun! and not forgetting all the cleaning up and mess after! =P

Then came

# February

 The month of love.

Shaz and I painted this at an art house in Empire.

We also celebrated our 3rd year anniversary this year.


 I HAVE TO add this in don't care! My first time making chocolate and oreo truffles, it was a success! Brought a lot to the office and gave some to my friends, glad they loved it.

It was also the month when I felt really..extremely--EXTREMELY SHORT -__-"

It grew better in March.


It has also been more than a year of working with Nom Nom Media and I have attended my fair share of concerts ever since I started working.

But that didn't stop me!

 Bruno Mars live in KL! <3

My tweets were featured in Junk Online and I saw Bruno Mars live at the PWTC's indoor stadium. 
He's got an awesome voice.

Definitely one of the great things this year.

 Also met the most influential blogger, Xiaxue for the very first time.

at a bloggers' gathering at Frames, Sunway Pyramid.

It gets better.

Then I went on my first ever sponsored trip with Jayne to the country's largest and exclusive log resort, Philea Resort and Spa off Ayer Keroh, Malacca.

Ahh, that was pampering *reminisce*

I did a lot more traveling after that.


We disappeared into...the.........Lost World of Tambun!

We drove up one weekend to Ipoh (it was my first trip there!) for a food escapade and some fun adventure #justthetwoofus Note to John: We need to do this again...SOON! :D

then came..


The month I decided...


 that I wanted BANGS!

 Did stuff to me hair, also the first time I wanted to try a lighter hair tone.

Got the opportunity to host the Super GT Semi-finals.

at the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.


Then came the finals at Sepang.

 Super GT Queen Search 2011

and more hosting.

My favourite month

It was not only my birthday but a lot of exciting events took place.

Our first ChurpOut session at Mark's Place! I miss Jacqkie :)

MTV World Stage

where I witnessed my favourite band..

Neon Trees live @ iCity, Shah Alam.

The boys performance at the La Senza's Angel search

Sadly, after a month plus my fringe grew back.

Two major events took place on the same day on one of the rare occasions. The most anticipated..

 Urbanscapes at Padang Astaka

I would remember the day I rushed like a mad woman from the Olay shoot to the field.

 because it was crazy! I ran...#likeaboss

 Picture runaway bride lol

 I also turned twenty three in July.

 the best chocolate cake ever!

Then came our Langkawi trip :D


 This picture is priceless.

Thousands of feet above sea level, the adventure was memorable.

I rode on a pony too.

Also went for my second musical, Cartoon at KLPAC..

But before that,

 We took a stroll around the Sentul Park

Nah, here's the poster :D

Then London came calling in the following month..


 Wicked The Musical

 Obama at Madame Tussauds

 Camden Town

 Old Trafford in Manchester



The time to sit back and relax, with a little bit of partying in between.

My first makeup tutorial :D


 MasterChef bloggers edition :D

 Dawn & I at the Shell Fuelsave Day gig!

 Then came Halloween!

 Permed hair.

 Random Genting trip with Jayne :)


One month, 2 weddings and 4 engagements >.<

All I remember about this month is the countless wedding shoutouts and invitations!

But good thing is, December is off to a great start, keep it coming!

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