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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Day One in Chiang Mai
Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 6:50 PM
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We arrived at the Siri Panna resort in Chiang Mai earlier this morning. Just a quick update on what we did today. Both the Malaysian and Singaporean nuffies are here on a 3 nights getaway.

 It is my first time here in Chiang Mai so honestly, I did not have much expectations. Activities and itinerary were not shared with us until earlier today (imagine!) so most of us basically dumped whatever clothing for both hot and cold weather, shorts, sweaters, etc.

#1 SiriPanna Resort

The resort is beautiful, staffs are pretty friendly too. They greeted us with a welcome drink before we moved on for our first activity.

But before that 

#2 Our Bedroom

Beautiful ain't it? :D

First activity of the day was none other than...a...

#3 Cooking class

We were divided into different teams and presented with ingredients for the Phad Thai, Tom Yam, Papaya salad, and my favourite Red Ruby with water chestnut for dessert.

I cooked the Phad Thai, LOOK!

They even have their own paddy field. So our second activity of the day was learning to PLANT THE GODDAMN PADDY. Omg it was extremely fun..but disgusting. We stepped into a muddy field that looks like this:


Okay so anyway, we are off to the night bazaar now. A couple of photographs before I go, enjoy!

Nuffies as "farmers" heheh

Exhausted Pinky! super cute pic!



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