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Rachel Kristen
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Getting the double E
Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 11:29 PM
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 So a few days ago I was over at my Aunt's for high tea and I couldn't resist trying the extensions. 

Eyelash extensions are very popular these days and since my aunt is currently practicing this unique skill, I volunteered to become her model and gave it a try so she could also practice it on me. 

 Post eyelash extensions

It was not my first time trying eyelash extensions. I have tried eyelash perming (which didn't last very long by the way) but it felt very foreign to me.

  We start by covering the bottom lashes with tape so as to avoid the lashes from bonding together. It hurts bad especially if the glue is dries on lashes that are stuck together. So anyway, once lashes are covered, the beautician will start by applying lashes one by one, layer by layer. Stick them on between areas that have fewer lash. Apparently lashes fall every now and then (about 3 months) and start growing again. Both eyes have lashes of various lengths and some parts may be emptier than others.

I prefer using individual lashes instead of those 3in1 lashes that you can find in make-up and drug stores. Good thing about individual lashes is that it will not be obvious when some fall off unlike 3in1 lashes because of its thickness, and if you lose 1 set, you would have lost 3 strands of lashes. Get what I mean?

Looks really natural <3

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions.


- They can look very natural if done correctly and your lashes look fuller without mascara.
- No need to curl lashes and lessen the hassle of applying false lashes
- Eyes appear wider and more appealing, no need for heavy make up, simple add on some eyeliner and you are good to go
 - They last for a few weeks so picture having long and full lashes without having to take them off or


- Maintenance of eyelash extensions require a lot of effort, you will need to wash your face carefully because they fall off easily if you get them wet
- Real lashes may permanently fall off together with the eyelash extensions and it can damage your real lashes
- You need a lot of patience with eyelash extensions both during the process of applying it, maintaining it and getting it off.

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