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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Hello twenty twelve.
Thursday, January 19, 2012, 11:37 PM
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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year is almost around the corner.

 I will be flying back home this weekend, so there goes my momentum. Feeling a little restless lately because of the lack of sleep, holiday, work, and cny break. Gah.

Taken by @soularone at Saujana resort.

I was supposed to upload the remaining photos from our Chiang Mai trip but I'm just too plain lazy at the moment (hee! shows peace sign). Plus my work mail just crashed on me, lost all my mails T_T even our programmers couldn't do much. So no mood.

Going to pen down what I have been up to lately.

1. Family time!

We had a great start to the year with more family time. Having been staying alone in this city for the past five years, I have almost forgotten the feeling of a huge family gathering. Since my grandparents are no longer with us, we rarely get a chance to meet up because everyone is everywhere. But then again, that has always been an excuse why meet-ups often fail.

My cousin, Kyvern got married to his long time girlfriend, Pam.

Cousins and aunties.

We also had our very own high tea at my Aunt's.

My baby cousin from Melbourne came to spend CNY here. No longer a baby, he's grown far too tall. Haih.

We brought them around to different malls and restaurants. Also went to the arcade.

It felt great racing and playing some basketball (in the arcade of course =P)

Oh and archery too, so stylo! :D

2. 2012 also started with a bang with our company trip on the first week itself! (part 2 coming up!)

3. CNY shoot for The Star

Got a call from my primary school best friend who asked for a favour so alongside with a few other girls (born in the year of a dragon) to pose for their cameraman.

I hope the photo turns out fine because it's going to be nationwide. I didn't know what to wear, no red coloured clothing or cheong sams because unlike other people, CNY to me is just another celebration.

So I ended wearing this pink crochet top I got from our Thailand trip with a black dress. I know I know, black = pantang! but...that's why I balanced it with pink =P

Though just another celebration, CNY also means..shopping time! (brings me to point 4)

Got myself a few dresses. I'm so happy that I found a tiny looking shop amidst the Ah Beng shops in Pyramid. They have super nice clothing (Audrey Hepburn style!)

My gel french manicure.

Speaking of gel type manicure, they last super long and do not chip off easily. I have never managed to have perfect looking nails, freshly painted for more than 2 weeks. So I think I'm going to stick with this (Gel manicure) for a while.

Also got myself two pair of sandals. I figured that it is now time to move on from wearing flip flops daily.

People often think I am not heading to work (all dressed up in working attire but wearing flip flops) -__-"

5. Reliving childhood

I was delighted when I saw this at a convenience shop one day.

Happier than when you pick up a RM 5 note because I never thought I would see this thing again.

Who on earth would think this still exist. It may be silly but life is also about enjoying the silly things that crack you up. So anyway, immediately I got it and went home to play! :D

heheheh happy!

It has been a good start so far though hiccups are bound to happen. I was talking to Shaz the other day about resolutions. I don't believe in it because no one, i repeat NOBODY fulfills all their resolutions. By year end, you would probably have forgotten what point 4 was =P right..

This might sound weird but this year..I want to win something. It could be as simple as a consumer contest, radio, photo whatsoever. I have never won any contest of that sort, so it would be great. You must think I'm silly right now. Anyway, be right back. Hope for a better week ahead.


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