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Apples to apples!
Friday, February 3, 2012, 6:38 PM
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Okay I have to admit, I'm still a child. I'm extremely happy today because I have been looking around for this thing and yesterday Timo agreed to 'sell' his to me :D

Apples to apples.

"What on earth is apples to apples?"

We thought the same thing when we first saw it in the cruise back in December 2010.

It was the only game on board (apart from Monopoly deal) so we got started and played. Surprisingly, it was so good that it got us craving, we played it almost everyday.

Apples to Apples is a game of comparison. You are given two sets of cards- one green and another red. 

How to play?

1) Everyone in the game gets to become a judge (The judge in each round will get to select to winner)
2) Every player gets a set of red cards (consisting of randoms names, characters and things e.g. Michael Jackson, World War two, bra, etc.)
3) The round starts by opening one green card - features a characteristic of a person, place or thing 

For example:

4) Players take turn to convince the judge why their card (of a certain name) is the most sexy! 
It can be hilarious when you don't get the right cards heheh..

Also bought Cluedo in cards form (super addictive too!) 


So, who's ready to play with me? :D

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