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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Picking up from where I left..
Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 9:43 AM
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Don't know how many times I've said....time flies. But IT'S TRUE. Really!

Four years ago:

- I was in my second year pursuing my degree, couldn't wait to graduate and join the workforce
- I was only twenty 20!!
- wanted to be 21 so badly -__-"
- started dating a great guy
- met a lot of wonderful people whom I am still friends with
- crowned miss monash, my first 'pageant'
- my favourite movie was still 200 pounds beauty (Maria!! Ave Maria!! --how can anybody not like it..)
- I was slim!! >.<
- recorded my first cover of Like a Star by Corrinne Bailey Rae
- I didn't have a car so I really enjoyed walking to and fro college-home-mall-back home-uni (that explains why I was slim heh)
- got a chance to be a part of the events committee and heading an awesome team in the following year
- I was also partying like nobody's business! (gone are the days.......)

Okay, so why four years and not two or three?

That's because if one were to ask when my best/favourite year is..I would say.. 2008, for so many reasons (all the above included). Not that I am not happy now but I guess people are not easily contented, and they take for granted what they already have until it is gone (yes yes, we hear this all the time). A lot has changed to date because I am no longer my slimmest (boo!), but I have a great job, and I also have the energy of an old woman sad to say, no longer dating that great guy, and I own my first car, and still love the same korean film.

 Still the same girl with more responsibilities and bigger dreams.

One thing that hasn't changed though is taking a break from working and partying with friends.
A bunch of us headed to Zouk on Saturday after dinner at Bangsar Village.

Had a tough time deciding what to wear. This proves that I haven't been clubbing in ages, can never really have as much fun as before. So I took a while, took a good look at my clothes. I GOT NO MORE CLUBBING WEAR! Anyway, I ended up mixing and mashing work clothes and casual wear.

Wore suspenders to brighten up the dull look =D

Took some pictures since I'm all made up, finally my fringe is long!!

 Till then, xx!

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