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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Time for some lovin!
Thursday, February 16, 2012, 6:17 PM
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It was 'presents time' onTuesday and Valentine's Day made our orange office glow. It was filled with so much loveeee. So much so that you can walk around, look at every corner and see a smile coming from the most of the nuffies.

From top left (clockwise): Daisy from @Yuenny,  Flower cupcake from Shaz, Ferrero Rochers from @mimipie and more cupcakes from Just Heavenly.

It is a common practice for guys to buy flowers and shower their other half with chocolates. Couples exchange gifts on this special day but I do know some who do not even bother. It is not a bad thing because honestly, Valentine's Day has been commercialized, people should celebrate love and affection anytime, any day! A phone call, a text, a pat on the shoulder and a hug can easily make up for lost times.

"A hug is a great gift - one size fits all and it is easy to exchange"

Photo credits to @Pinkytham 
I got this bottle of little strips of tips and suggestions on finding joy in everything we do,
spreading the love :)

So this year was our fourth Valentine's celebration and it is the thought that counts so since..bag (check!), watch (check!), shirt (check!), wallet (check!)..I had a tough time thinking of what to get for Shaz. Went shopping and figured that sometimes maybe we just need to pause and take a good look around before buying something on impulse hehe 

This is what I got him. 

It is not an encyclopedia!! It is a secret box that looks like one, SO COOL RIGHT? 
I got him four gifts to signify fourth VD cheesy right? -__- I just realized how cheesy that is now.

So anyway, first gift is the trilogy..

The Millennium Trilogy (now famous movie: Girl with the dragon tattoo must watch!)

Couldn't fit all three books so gave one first haha

Second gift is an empty notebook for his writing and composing. Third is for us, UBERCUTE..

Dialogue box! For his empty fridge so we can write notes, reminders, etc.
And lastly a card.

On the other hand I got this too!!

 Such beautiful roses cupcakes! Super yummy too! <3

And he got me this bag that I have been 'checking out' :D from Charles and Keith. Love it!

Just another day to remind us to care and love one another, what a sweet day. 

Since it was also a working day, I wore this to work:

My work and play outfit!
Sorry, no time to camwhore, my only chance was in between meetings that day hehe

Have a great week everyone, time is passing by so quickly let's treasure every moment from now onwards.

Knock knock.
Stop dreaming already.


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