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Goodbye Picnik!
Thursday, March 15, 2012, 10:34 AM
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When it comes to editing photographs and videos, I am the last person you should ask because my Photoshop knowledge is almost 0%. But thankfully, I found Picnik, a photo editing site (go to site) that makes photo editing as easy as ABC. All I need to do is click away and choose effects, touch up and edit my photos using this user friendly tool.

But when I went to the site today, it says that Picnik will be closing in April because they are going to be a part of Google+ under their creative kit. UBER SAD! =(

If you go to their site now you'll see that you can use the premium tools since they are closing. 

Here are some of my favourite tools from Picnik.

A. Basic editing 

Includes cropping, rotating, flipping sides, and if you want to create a display picture for your Twitter account, they have ready made sizes to help you crop.

B. Touch-up tool (one of my favourites!)

From air brushing to applying blusher of different shades, I can forget about memorizing which logo is for which tool in Photoshop. This one helps me instantly, all I need to do is select which tone or tool and it will automatically show me the difference.

They even have tools  just for your eyes i.e. colour, mascara, contact lenses (I can forget about the thought of removing real contact lenses for the moment heheh)

Here's one before and after using the Mascara & Blusher tool:

Do you see the difference? :)

And since I love tanned skin, this is how I will look like after our Perhentian trip:

 C. Camera effects

From Holga to Lomo, Black and white to 1960s effect, Picnik has it all!

 Effects: Cross Process & 1960s

Effects: Lomo & Orton

Effects: Cross Process & Soften

Effects: Black & White, Fancy focus, and CinemaScope

I also love their collage tool, so many different kinds of collage to explore. Haih, gonna miss using this application, I wonder if there are any other sites as good as this. . .

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