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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
My law of attraction.
Monday, March 12, 2012, 12:09 AM
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 I read that whenever you feel discouraged about something, get out and do something you love or enjoy. For me, spending time with people I love and care for have always been enough to make my day so that is what I have been doing, watch movies, planning for my next holiday, shopping, going to the bookstores and catching up with friends. 

"Do what you enjoy because the more you do what you love, the better you feel."

And the better you feel, the more likely you will experience positive situations that will make you happy.

Of horoscopes.

 I was having this conversation with my friend the other day about horoscopes.
It is interesting how our birth month can tell a lot about our characteristics, habits and flaws. It is not in my nature to believe how horoscopes dictate people, but I am amazed about how eerily accurate after reading and seeing so many kinds of situations. Read about how every horoscopes have their significant traits and apparently I am not the only one who reads about zodiac signs, my cousin too  reads up on monthly updates that are quite accurate (you can check out astrologyzone.com for monthly updates by Susan Miller)

I also got this book by Sydney Omarrs, which is scarily accurate when I read about the possibilities I may be facing (horoscope: Leo): There will be a transition that will bring a lot of excitement and positive change into your life. Your personal freedom is important to you and it is possible that certain relationships and situations will fall out of your experiences, especially those that restrict your freedom or that don't allow you genuine self expression. In any area where your life is stuck in a rut or routine, Uranus is going to shake things up and sweep things clean, and when the dust settles, you'll be amazed that you have arrived in a better place. In the next few years your need for greater and more genuine self expression can manifest in different ways. Abrupt changes can be troubling, but the end result will be beneficial. For example you(r)..

- give away all your clothes and completely revamp wardrobe
 (I'm halfway there!)
- decide to get body piercings, tattoos 
(eerily true because I just tweeted for suggestions a few days back)
-  might question your sexuality 
(all the time hahaha)
- might just take off with a backpack, your ATM card and hit the road 
(hahahah if only!)
- relationships break apart (how not to be true)
- the people around you are confused by your behavior (hello mum, they're referring to you)
- you start meditating (yoga class!)

Probably means I'm on the right track already, no? -__-"

 It's the year for fresh starts, new beginnings, new experiences and people (phew!)
Leo rules the heart. As one of the most passionate signs in the zodiaz, you're forever on the lookout for romance, you're one of those people who believe in love and romance and it is tough for you to ever become cynical about it (hopeless!) You fit the adage: if not for love, then what?

You benefit from a low fat diet, exercise, work that you love and relationships in which you are recognized as the unique person that you are. You have a temper, but once you blow that's it. You don't hold grudges or harbor resentments. You tend to be forward looking and your natural optimism is healthy. When you feel yourself getting down, rent comedies, find books that make you laugh, blog about your feelings.

I kid you not, all from this book I'm reading. Creepy!

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