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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Of routines.
Sunday, March 25, 2012, 5:34 PM
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It is already end of March, time seems to be flying by so quickly I can barely keep up. Been getting a lot of "how-are-yous?" from almost everybody I meet because my daily routine and life was so different up until one and a half month ago, I am still struggling to create a new life for myself.

To abandon old habits and memories and start building new ones and move on ahead (easier said than done haih). 

Part and parcel of life is all about how we deal with ups and downs. Time does not stop and wait for us so I constantly remind myself not to worry about little matters, that there are bigger problems out there. We need to focus on spending time doing the things we love. So.. I have been keeping myself busy with all sorts of things.  

Yesterday at the Zalora shoot with Jane and Hanis:

If you haven't, check out Zalora.com.my they have super awesome stuff. 
Like how I love this moustache ring.

The girls had to choose 4 outfits alongside accessories and shoes. OHMAGAWD *faints

 I also love this Chic Yamada suit!

We had the pleasure to check out how they operate behind the scenes. Pretty amazing, I must say.

Some random photos from recent events and gatherings.  

My cousin, Klaudia was also here for a few days so we celebrated her birthday at The Bee, Publika. 

My nephew, Jayden and cousin.

One with all the cousins <3

Lunch at The Ploy, Clearwaters at Damansara Heights.

Spicy salmon pizza 

Corned beef spaghetti

Then some pampering at Karabuning Boutique Spa, Sunway Pyramid.

The simplest, but awesome fried chicken with curry and steamed egg.

Meet our new colleagues.

From left: Bobby, Betty (his twin), and Pinky's 'brain' heehee is it just me..or do they actually look different..

Finally, karaoke session with the St. Patty's bunch :)

Rina..... (points at Carlberg bottle =P)

Angie and her other half.. (Koh Beng 'feeling' it)

So this has been my routine always out and about. Funny how when you are in love, all you want to do is stay at home but when you are alone, all you want is to be away from home.

It is different having a companion by your side because for me, all this while he has always been there and he would be the first person I talk to about things. The karaoke sessions, movies, bickering, and window shopping. He was afterall, my best friend. The friendship and chemistry, how we enjoyed doing everything under the sun and would always laugh at one another and find comfort in each other. It was always 'we' or 'us' for me but now it's 'I' and 'the rest of us'. 

But I guess time will heal this pain I'm feeling just like before. If I could overcome old times, then this should not be a problem, no? Then there's the saying that goes, "It's not what happens, but what's important is how we react to what happens." That's all that matters. We cannot change the past but we can change how we react to things. And my reaction would be to keep moving forward and no longer look back.

Sometimes I wish I could forget everything and start anew just like that.

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