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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Of working and eating.
Thursday, March 29, 2012, 12:00 AM
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I love eating. Can't deny that because ever since I started working, I put on 3 kilos *booo!* all for the love of food -__-" 

Going back to swimming and yoga, hopefully to get back in shape so I can look good in bikini just in time for our Perhentian trip. 

Otherwise, I will have to wear the infamous bathing suit aka granny swimwear that looks like this:

Anyway, the good thing about doing what I do is that you get to go for movies and tasting sessions :)

 Last Monday we tried Pizza Hut's latest Triple Chicken pizza! Why triple chicken? because it is a combination of chicken salami, chicken sausage and chicken floss. 

Honestly, I only enjoy munching on thin crust pizzas and I never liked anything too floury. 
Met some of the bloggers who were early (unlike the rest of the Malaysians =P) that day:

(Sorry, forgot my camera that day). 
From left: Yours truly, Cheesie, KY, Wei Zhi and Kak Mira.

The tasting session was held at the Pizza Hut outlet in Pavilion so lucky for me, I headed over right after work to taste the new flavoured pizza! 

Triple Chicken Pizza

It is not as cheesy as I thought it would be. But the best part about the pizza for me..was the CHICKEN FLOSS! I always love getting the buns with floss at BreadTalk so I was delighted when I saw it!

Nom nom.

With Wei Zhi, KY, Audrey and Cheesie

Only yesterday I met this client who has not seen me in a while and he said, "you must be really happy in your current company.." I asked why? 
he told me because I look like..I've put on weight -__-" sigh.


Does anybody have any suggestions? No I won't skip meals unnecessarily or starve myself. I was at my slimmest (47kgs) about 3 years ago. I wonder if this method would still work but here's how I lost weight back then:

- Detox tea (I detox once every few months to cleanse my organs) it is important to care for your body and replenish it with nutrient
- Vitamin C (everyday I take Vitamin C so I feel energized and protected from germs to increase my immune system)
- Drink plenty of water (and go to the toilet every hour)
- Replace dinner or any peckish feeling with one banana or soup (preferably vegetable / carrot soup)
and get enough beauty sleep~


Til' me blog again :)

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