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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Saturday afternoon.
Saturday, March 31, 2012, 7:16 PM
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It is earth hour tonight and also the last day of March. But I beat all of you since I took the whole night last night (and this morning) celebrating and worshiping mother nature.

Thought I could get some rest but I got up at 2am this morning (I slept pretty early considering working and traveling in one day =P) to a sweaty body. The air-con was not on, the fan wasn't working. My parents went to Singapore and so it was just me, myself and I, home alone without the electricity.

Meet my companion.

The fuse box. Complicated stuff that looks fine to me.

Thankfully I had Twitter and bbm to keep me company all night long. I waited patiently for the electricity to come back but it never did. It was dark and quiet, I swear I heard knocks and stuff =S then I peeked through my room window and noticed that the other houses had electricity. 

So many thoughts came to mind, ohmy what if someone cut off the electricity on purpose? What if it is an attempt robbery? What if...but... I am alone... I don't want to die alone -__-" 


Until 4am, when my parents came home we just ended up sleeping in the living room (I took the couch of course heehee) but then mosquitoes attacked us midway.

So for earth hour this year, can I just shut off my mobile after sacrificing my sleep and hours of electricity?

Woke up to a phone call this morning at 10am. It was my dad...calling my mobile from downstairs (my room is one floor above -__-")

But he was sweet, he made me burnt sandwiches to make up for abruptly waking me up.

Tuna sandwich and horlicks to start the day

Greeted my dogs, Sachi and Phoebe. Here's Sachi giving me a "High 5!" 

Coming home also means more time to rest and do anything I want.
So I dyed my hair.

Hair roots are showing, so I bubble dyed my own hair in Chestnut Brown (back to darker colour) :D

Then we had lunch at the famous "Ah Meng" Kuey Tiao place. 

The best in town! The last time I had this was almost one year ago so we waited patiently even though it took more than half an hour. Yummy!

Afternoon was spent driving around, exploring showrooms and what nots. Didn't manage to go to the mall today but I shall, very soon. Meanwhile, Saturday afternoon is just spent rejuvenating at home.

I decided to continue updating because my friend, John bailed on me :( haven't seen him in ages.
While mum is downstairs watching her favourite drama, I can't wait to go to bed #nolife

We're waking up early tomorrow for Ching Ming (QingMing festival or better known as grave sweeping when Chinese families visit and pay tribute to their ancestors at the cemetery) It's been ages ..even years since I visited my mum's kampung in Muar, another part of Johor away from the city. Time to indulge in some good old fashion kampung day out.

 Happy Earth Hour..and a very Happy April Fool's Day in advance, guys! :)

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