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Rachel Kristen
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Toning up.
Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 10:01 AM
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So some of you have been following my entries lately. My apologies for the recent depressing paragraphs but honestly, I don't think the sad parts would make sense when I read them again in the near future. So I don't care what people have to say, but since this is my blog I am free to write sad pathetic entries here if I want *shows hand palm*

Today's entry will be a little encouraging. My guide to overcoming a heartbreak.

 So you ended a 3.5 years relationship and weep yourself to sleep for the next few weeks but it is not the end of the world (at least not till Dec 21--according to the Mayan calendar) -__- It creeps me out when people talk about the end of the world. So many questions go through my head. What if I am not ready? What do I want to be doing when the apocalypse comes? Who do I want by my side? All these thoughts crowd my brains. And sometimes I wonder why think about so far ahead when we may not even survive this year, why not enjoy the moment while we can?

Apart from keeping myself busy lately, I have also been actively exercising. Figured that this would be a good time to tone up and keep fit! To look and feel good would be my aim for the next couple of months. Question is, where do I start?

I know Group buying sites are overrated but sometimes if you're lucky, you might find what you really need like I did. My colleague, Jamie and I bought a month worth of yoga classes for only RM 25. I have been wanting to resume taking yoga classes and finally got to. So this would be a good time to do what I have been wanting to do, travel and go on a backpacking trip, go snorkeling, take yoga, and so on. Apart from yoga, I am on my trial lessons for power plate classes.

I promised Helen that I would share my experience doing power plates but since I have only tried 2 classes so far, let me just briefly share with you.

Power plates is a vibrating plate for training and exercise. It looks like this:

It is originally developed for Russian Olympic athletes and later used to train cosmonauts (Russian astronauts). Power Plate training can help obtain better results than traditional gym training and is a great alternative for people who do not have the time for lengthy workouts. 

The maximum vibration time per session is 9 min and beginners like me usually start at 30Hz per minute. So basically instead of the regular cardio and weights lifting, the power plates machine involves using more than just your arms and legs.The machine creates instability in the body (when it vibrates) and with each vibration the body is forced to perform unconscious reflexive muscle actions to stabilize the body. So imagine working out during an earthquake. 

By assuming various positions on the Power Plate machine, you are stimulating different muscle groups.So I attended the Power Boot class (focusing on your booty hence the "Boot") to tone your bottom half and hips. The instructor made us do cardio, yoga poses and steps aiming to tone up different areas of the the body.

Something along this line:


 So I was struggling to keep my balance as the vibration was pretty strong for my petite body. My second try was the Power Circuit class, which focuses on the entire body starting from my arms to my abdomens and thighs.

Honestly only by working out for 45 min I felt like I have been working out in the gym for 2 hrs. The after effect is painful (literally!) my muscles ache so bad that I had to walk slowly and going up and down the stairs was a pain for the first two days. After which I felt more muscular (not big muscular, but tone muscular) so I'm planning on going for my third tomorrow. This time the class is called Power Dance! (dancing on the power plate) I heard they do belly dancing too so I'm pretty excited!

P.S If you are interested to know more, do check out Bodytone's site here. They have two outlets, one in Solaris Mont Kiara and another (private sessions) at Bangsar Village II. I prefer their group training, call 03 6204 9277 for more info.

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