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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
The Vow and everything else.
Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 1:57 AM
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We watched The Vow tonight and honestly, I wasn't expecting much because the trailer pretty much tells us the story and I thought it was going to be yet another "The Notebook" sort of movie.

Starring Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum

Although we weren't sure if it was a good time to catch a romcom, but then again, it is always nice to indulge in a feel good chick flick with happy ending although The Vow is everything else but the happy ending part =S

Not going to spoil it for you guys but put aside all the cheesiness and mushy scenes (some are too good to be true!) The Vow is realistic and logical when it comes to series of events and how the director and scriptwriter decided to end the story. Let's just say things don't always go the way you hope it would.

Based on a true story, The Vow revolves around the lives of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) who is married but struggle to find their love and memories back after an accident. Paige is a sculptor and Leo runs a recording studio. My favourite part of the movie is how he struggles to win her heart, and also how he failed to. I could relate when he gave up and decided that if things are meant to be, they will be. Both of them are young and crazily in love until tense moments when things just cannot go back to how they were no matter how hard Leo tries. The Vow portrays a modern love story, nothing like a perfect fairytale but instead, to quote from the movie, "Life is all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever."

The verdict? Probably a score of 7 out of 10. Great chemistry between both actors and being the hopeless romantic kind, it is a must watch! :)


Watching the movie sort of struck this thought that I think the reason why I enjoy blogging and writing down stuff be it random, emo, or happy thoughts.. in case one day I forget things, I would read all these again to look back on my life and remember. People often say that it takes years to build a friendship, but it takes minutes to ruin one. I guess the same applies to memories, years of memories.

I was just chatting with a friend the other day and she asked something that I never really put a thought hard enough- What exactly would be the kind of person you would like to love and date? 

Perhaps after every failed relationship, there comes a time when you will finally look at things in a different manner. Maybe it is a sign that the both of you aren't suitable, better now than later, no? Sometimes I figure that learning what went wrong and what didn't work can help draw me closer to the kind of person I would like to be with, for the rest of my life, that is. We give our fragile hearts to one person we trust, to protect and care but sometimes promises that sound like "I will never let your heart down or hurt your feelings" just break against your will no matter how hard you try. #Shithappens.

All these while, my answer would be "as long as he's got a nice personality and a sense of humour lor.." But that's it? I never bothered to elaborate neither have I written down the traits I would like my partner to have but having thought about it, here goes.. 

1) He needs to love himself and his family

- Not in a self centered way but loving himself includes knowing what he wants, loving and acknowledging his talents and skills. Knowing how to appreciate himself. I believe that in order to love someone else, you need to first love yourself. As long as one is contented with what he has, only then can he can share it with his other half.

- Family is very important. As much as it is a two person matter, family ties are stronger than you think it is when it comes to the bigger picture. Loving his family would mean that he is capable of caring, that there is a sense of maturity and responsibility. You can tell a lot about a man from the way he juggles family and relationship. To a certain extent there needs to be a balance and there is a difference between a relationship between two lovers, and a relationship with the family.

2) Personality counts!

- Sense of humour is pretty general. But what I mean is a man who knows how to make me laugh, who laughs at me and shares laughter with me. It is okay to be serious and anxious about life but having another person there for you to cheer you up when you are feeling down, who knows what makes you smile really helps.

- Communication is very important when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Without honest conversations, confrontations and talks, the relationship equals to nothing but merely companionship.  Having someone who is able to express his thoughts and place my interest above his own is important to me as it tells how far this person is willing to go for the one he loves. So a good communicator it is!

- Effort and appreciation counts in determining if the relationship is going to last. It is important to me that a man puts in the slightest effort even when he goes out on a date, meet my family members, or a simple gesture of texting and wishing me good morning or good night. Appreciation, on the other hand comes in many forms be it material, emotional or physical. Learning how to appreciate others also means there is a form of respect for the other person, so by not taking the other person for granted, you are in a way respecting her dignity and pride as a woman.

- Adventurous! This could mean drving to another city just for something we are both craving for. Like this:


 It is moments like these that you will remember forever. Being adventurous could also mean to not be afraid to try something new and this will also help to spice up the relationship. As much as 'spark' does not play a huge role, it is still important to relive moments like this. I love traveling and in a way   an adrenaline junkie so to have someone who lives in the moment would be great!

- The child within. I like a man who relives his childhood and enjoys the little pleasures in life. It is also nice to see that behind the tough guy, there is a little boy within him deep down.

3) Priorities

- A man who knows how to prioritize his career, his family and his woman. Someone who knows how to balance and cope with this aspect although it is not a simple thing to do. To me, these are 3 very different things and as long as you have a good head above your shoulders, prioritizing comes with it when you are able to think for others. 

- To be sensitive to feelings and needs. A must have! Imagine a man who ignores you when you are down or is not there for you when you need him. 

- Self grooming please! No one wants to go out with a man who dresses like a slob, and smells like he hasn't showered for days. A big turn off for me! Scent matters to me so he'd better be using the deodorant and fragrance :D

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