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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
A day in the Kampung.
Monday, April 2, 2012, 1:01 AM
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Most of us grew up in the city but I was lucky, I had the chance to occasionally spend my weekends at my mum's kampung when I was a kid.

 I remember the old atap roofs, gateless pavement, chicken and duck farm, palm trees, and the smell of incense burning.

One of the rarest pets I have ever owned? A chick and a duckling. Like seriously, I brought them back home to the city with me once :D

Although I am born a Catholic, my mum married my dad but still remained a Buddhist who celebrates the traditional Chinese culture, especially when it has to do with our ancestral. We went back to the kampung this morning after so many years for Qing Ming (Chinese All Soul's Day) when Chinese families visit their ancestors. 

Nothing changed except for newer, slightly more modern looking homes. But it was always good to rekindle old memories. I remember telling mum that I want to take up bike license and she flipped saying it is too dangerous for a girl. And so I took it as a no. 

But the kampung girl in me still had the adventurous fire and I'm pretty sure my uncles and cousins could tell. Because today they introduced me to this:

My uncle immediately took out the keys and showed me how to work this. I SAID YES OF COURSE *with glittering eyes*

This is not a motorcycle if you're wondering. It is a bicycle with a function to work on its own with a motor supporting the back wheels. It is called an e-bike.


So I road down the bumpy road. Mum and dad just stared at me but I assured them with my widest smile :D

Super love it! If only I could bring it back to the city with me, the amount of petrol I can save by using an e-bike =P

Miss the good old kampung days when we could have fresh half boiled eggs and tons of dishes on the table. Home cooked meals are my favourite, because I hardly get to eat them, I cherish it dearly the moment someone cooks for me. I have been bugging mum to cook instead of eating out so we could also spend more time at home.

We visited my grandparents' grave at the nearby cemetery. It is always a tradition for the men in the family to wash and clean the grave so that prayers can be made. For Buddhist, they offer joss sticks and incense before praying and gold money, paper clothes and items are burned as offerings.

I could never understand how this works but it is always interesting to learn about another religion. I am after all a byproduct of two religions even though both my parents are Chinese. Although dad and I are both Catholic, we helped out and prayed as a sign of respect to my mum and her side of the family. I believe that people should be free to practice their religion and culture and I am glad that mum and dad have given me the choice of both religions.

 That pretty much sums up my day in the kampung, heading back to the city tomorrow, hope to be blessed with more happy times :)

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