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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Midweek road trip 2.0
Friday, April 13, 2012, 8:58 AM
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so this was how we decided to go on a road trip.

L: it's a holiday on the 11th of April
Me: what day is that..? weekday..quite pointless.

L: let's go somewhere near..like Ipoh..or Cameron Highlands..
Me: how about Malacca? *image of chicken rice balls pops like a light bulb
L: Okay 

Me: how about we leave after work the day before and stay a night

This is why I adore her, she's as carefree and adventurous as I am. Then of course we dragged Jamie along, and being the sweetest girl I know, she agreed to go on a road trip with us!

Tuesday: 10th April

But when the day came, as excited as we were, Jamie woke up late so she decided to pack only after work since we were all going to meet at my place and drive in one car. 

But after being caught up with work and the horrible traffic.. i burst out laughing when she told me she had no time to rush home to pack and will go just like that. So she hopped into the car with us without her baggage apart from herself and her laptop bag =D and off we went driving barely 2 hours before we arrived at the historical city.

(camwhoring in the car)

We got there just in time for supper - Capitol satay (opens from 5pm onwards)

The two girls armed with a map around jonker -__-"

of course we didn't find Capitol Satay via the map.

You choose your sticks or ingredients.

Worker prepares the sauce before you start dipping.

It was Lydia and my first time trying "satay celup" so we forced ourselves to queue just so we could get a taste. After awhile the sauce tasted bitter so we stopped =S

It was already past midnight when we finally got back to our hotel.

We stayed at Hotel Puri near Jonker walk. In my opinion, it is the best budget baba-nyonya hotel that you can find. Decent, clean and comfy :)

Love the antiques and hotel set up

Notice the similarities? *hints 

I brought some DVDs so we can chill and scare ourselves watching horror in the room but we dozed off way before the climax of the movie *yawns

Got up the next day all prepped up for a foodie day.

After a light breakfast at the hotel, we shopped around for Jamie's dress but nothing caught her eyes. Until we arrived at the famous Chicken Rice Balls shop (located next to bridge).

You know it's a favourite place just by looking at the queue!

Her glutton and annoyed face.

We waited for almost 40 mins (got a little tan) but the smell of the chicken rice balls kept us motivated, we were determine to wait hahahah

Of course it was worth the wait! After two failed attempts (from my previous trip with Shaz) I had to  satisfy my cravings.

There is probably a spell in Malacca because we cannot seem to get full from eating. Soon after chicken rice balls, we found ourselves sipping to the sweet desserts at Jonker88.

Aunty hard at work.

Baba Ice Kacang, Baba Chendol and Mango Ice.

Our next stop: Dataran Pahlawan for Nadeje (famous mille crepe cake)

It was almost like we had a to-eat-list because we knew exactly what we wanted to eat and wasted no time :)

Good places are always full in Malacca.

We ordered three flavours: Tiramisu, Original and Chocolate banana.

What a great way to end the day. It was my turn to drive us back to the city, the skies were as beautiful as how our road trip turned out to be :)


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