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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
That awkward moment.
Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 6:05 PM
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At times when we are lost for words, we pause for a moment and blush because something awkward has happened.

I love reading timeline of friends on twitter, especially when they tweet about their daily awkward moments. I thought about mine and here's a list of them.

That awkward moment when. . 

-  you stop at the traffic light and see the driver in the next lane staring at you

-  the woman next to you starts breastfeeding her child in front of you

-  you bump into both your exes and one of them brings a girl

-  you are forced to say something so as to prevent feeling awkward

-  you know he is lying but you play along

-  you say something and everyone thinks it is about them

-  two cars are waiting for your parking spot

-  you are standing next to someone who is waiting for the same table for lunch

-  when you say something you don't mean but your friends take it seriously

-  you get wasted and mistaken someone else for your friend

-  you call someone but mention the wrong name

-  you walk into the lift and press the wrong button

-  you forget to pay the bill until they remind you as you get up from your seat

-  you see someone in the same shirt or dress as you

- you sing your favourite song but get the lyrics wrong

-  you wish someone Happy Birthday a day earlier

- you wear your shirt inside out until a stranger comes up to tell you

-  you walk into the wrong cinema and see that someone is at 'your' seat

-  you cannot remember the name of the person who just waved at you

-  you wave at an acquaintance who doesn't wave back at you

-  you run out of things to say at a date

-  you are forced to smile at someone you dislike

-  you wear slippers instead of your heels/flats to work on a meeting day

- the automatic door doesn't open for you

-  you realize you have been pronouncing a word wrongly your whole life

-  you say goodbye but end up walking in the same direction

-  you accidentally fart when you laugh too hard

-  you walk into the wrong toilet with someone inside

-  a friend is standing right next to you at the ATM machine

-  a friend is staring at your screen when you are about to log in with your password

-  you tell a joke and start laughing but your friends don't get it

-  your client sends you a BBM or friend request on Facebook

-  you send a corny text to the wrong person

-  the driver beside looks at you funny because you are munching on a banana

-  you discover your friend's porn stash

-  my macho friends sing to BSB, MLTR and Spice Girls

-  you order and eat more food than your boyfriend

-  a group of friends start calculating their share of the dinner bill

-  you are mistaken for someone else / a mother / an older sister when in fact you are younger

-  you ask a question and nobody responds

What would life be without these awkward moments :)

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