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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
May calling.
Saturday, May 12, 2012, 10:52 AM
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Hello! :)

Woke up this morning to this:

Super cute :)

It is Mother's Day tomorrow so I decided to surprise mum by coming back this weekend. As much as I love working and living on my own, I know it would make both mum and dad happy (although dad doesn't show it..I just assume =P) so happy to see their smiling faces greeting me hehehe

We usually go out for a good meal to celebrate the occasion, nothing too fancy because mum and dad believe that we don't need one big day to shout about our feelings towards our loved ones.  Like the old saying, everyday should be _______day! We don't need to wait for reminders to make a call or shower our loved ones with gifts, if it is in your heart, you will find time and effort.

Speaking of being home, as I'm typing away my phone keeps ringing because mum is constantly calling to make sure I lock the doors, drink my herbal tea, fruit juice and so on. We sometimes take for granted all these little acts of love, but over the years I have learned to appreciate my mother's way of showing that she cares. I end up making fun of her and she would laugh it off :)

Dad, on the other hand, showed me his latest project:

His chilli padi plant and insisted I took a picture of it lol

Although I know mum would rather I save my money and spend it wisely but I got her this wrist watch for tomorrow (she doesn't know it yet) . .

I hope she likes it :)

And since. . *guilty tone* . .

 my watch is also broken, I got myself a swatch for casual wear.

I have something with nude, always seem to like nude tone dresses and accessories.

Today (a day before Mother's Day) is also grandma's death anniversary. If there is one thing I will remember for the rest of my life, it is the day I witness both my grandpa and grandma's passing. 

Death happened right in front of my eyes along with a tight bitch slap. Their last breath and fragile bodies turning colder by the minute. It shattered my heart, I was barely nineteen. Ever since then, I grew the fear of losing my loved ones. My relationship with both my grandparents have always been close, although in an awkward manner because we used to live with my grandparents. Grandma passed two years after grandpa but it still feels like yesterday that we had our reunion dinner laughing away at silly jokes that grandpa tried to crack. Grandpa would pick me up from school after extra curricular activities and because he has always been a neat fella, both my grandparents never really got along (you know why). But I thought they looked cute together.

Grandma was a heavy smoker and I would always stop her from smoking (although she would get my then bf to secretly buy her a pack of cigarettes). I would secretly chuckle in my heart although I glare at that pack of cigarettes. It's times like that we will always remember, the fond memories spent with our loved ones. Although grandma has been gone for 5 years, I still miss her dearly today. Going to visit her with her favourite flower, orchids and like me, her favourite colour was also purple. 

Before I go, here's wishing all mothers a big warm Happy Mother's Day :)

Kids today may not show their affection like the olden days but deep down, know that we care, we love and we cherish your time, love, and effort. 

Lots of love, Rach.

*phone rings AGAIN*

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