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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Nobody's perfect.
Thursday, May 3, 2012, 10:59 PM
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There are times when I just want to shut down. People keep telling me to stay strong and be the bigger person in difficult situations, assuming I can brave through a hurricane like I am some kind of superwoman. I wouldn't be here typing away if I was. Hell no I'll be saving lives and traveling the world heh. 

We always hear about how imperfect the world is. We hear about how upset and unsatisfied people are with their lives. Truth is, there is always something to love about everything be it imperfect or not. Constantly reminding myself how fortunate it is to have friends and loved ones who genuinely care for me. Well I'm not exactly a terrible person but as cranky as I can be, I'll be nice to you if you are nice =P Although there are times I wish things were a little different, but I guess things don't always go the way we want them to. After 24 years, I suppose I ought to learn something about life versus needs and wants.

I was feeling terribly down but listening to encouraging words and knowing there is a pair of listening ear and support helps. Though I cannot stop my mind from wondering once in awhile. Time helps too, no matter how tough the situation can be. Suddenly thought about a joke by Douglas Lim.

"Do you know why Chinese are deemed hardworking and have strong survival skills? Throw them any tough situations and they will brave through it. It is because, they have mahjong as their traditional game. You never know what cards or tiles you may get and if your tiles are awful all you can do it swear and be annoyed but you will eventually play along."

I think it is absolutely true and we can apply it in tough situations and awkward moments. Nobody likes going through a phase like I am going through now and I doubt many can understand. But I don't expect anybody to understand simply because things happen for a reason, I have faith that better things will come my way. Like a friend always remind me, it will be sunny again after every storm.

 Humans are plain selfish creatures who care about nothing but our own needs and wants. That we can't deny. At the end of the day, we live, we learn and we die. All we crave for is love and happiness. So why not live a happy and fruitful life? No one's perfect so don't go wasting energy wishing for things to be perfect.

Earlier I read somewhere that smiling releases endorphin and makes one feel better, even if it is faked. So no matter how tough it is, I promised myself that I will smile through this storm. I'll be alright, maybe just not tonight, but someday.

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