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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Berry photos.
Monday, June 11, 2012, 12:36 AM
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The other day I was looking through the photos in my phone. Out of 10 at least 5 are photos of car park pillars and numbers. Then I tweeted, "that explains a lot".. and surprisingly got several replies on how some of my friends are just like me.. suffer from short term memory loss and we cannot seem to remember where we park..most of the time.

Good to know I'm not alone =P

Anyway, I have been extremely busy and occupied with work. Dedicating myself to work and spending time with my friends, meeting new people and socializing. Not as hardcore as four years ago because I'm no longer twenty (I admit!) -__-"

In no order, here are some bits and pieces snapped from my blackberry.

#1 Boss Tim's birthday

Tim turned 28 just a few days ago and we celebrated at Delicious in Jalan Tun Razak.

The night before we surprised him at the Madagascar screening with balloons and an engraved shirt with a cute caricature of little Tim.

We got our designer to design Tim's face and we got it printed on a Zara shirt.

It was also Munster's birthday, mille crepe cake for the two boys.

#2 Arch and toys for Kevin

Bought some toys for my one week old nephew.

His little crib at the Subang house. Later in the week, my cousin uploaded a super cute photo of him.

Ain't this a 9gag material? SO CUTE! how can you resist pampering little kids that look like this. 

#3 GT 86 & Camry Launch @ Sepang

Attended the grand launch of the GT 86 and new Toyota Camry at Sepang recently.

Suave new ride.

#4 My dream wardrobe

Then we went shopping for some furniture for Lydia's bedroom. There's a sense of permanence now since she's getting a cupboard, shelve and possibly a new bed, heh heh.

But while walking in Ikea, we stumbled upon this.

Every girls' dream wardrobe. I used to joke about how I want a room dedicated just for all the shoes, dresses, bags, and accessories. Of course, my man can have his study room, gym and whatsoever in return =P

#5 Not complete without food

First time trying the food at Isetan @ KLCC

Not too bad at all! 

#6 Blue hair, anybody?

#7 Popped my Skype cherry!

I don't usually enjoy chatting on social media. Apart from short instant messages on gtalk, msn and bbm, I would rather meet my friends in person and talk like a human being.

But with him I cannot, since he is so far away in Melbourne. I was working on my piece for Friendlyfashion the other day in Starbucks and decided to try Skype. 

Hello TEDDYY!! :)

#8 The Mentalist

Met a guy in Craft Brews who did this to the poor forks.

Amazingly.. creepy.

#9 Jamming time

It's so weird to hear my friends go, "Eh let's jam!!" because I am so used to hearing it from the guys and band members.

But I'm so glad I found people who enjoy singing and strumming the guitar sharing similar favourite tunes.

#10 Colourful lights at Rootz @ LOT 10

One vain shot of me posing at Rootz when out clubbing with Jessie and friends for Zarul's birthday.

#11 Man's-hair

Lydia always told me I could rock a short bob haircut.

So one day I snapped this to show her..

That I can't do no mens haircut -__-"

#12 Marshmallow to make your day

Last but not least, a nice hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows to make your day.

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