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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Friday, June 1, 2012, 8:51 PM
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Tears almost rolled down my cheeks when I saw little Kevin. My cousin gave birth to her second son today!!

Rushed over to the hospital after work to see both mother and son.

Kevin has such huge eyes and he smells so good. AND HE HAS PLENTY OF HAIR! 
Well, generally babies smell like lotion and lotions smell good. 

They are also very fragile and soft! my hands trembled a little >.<

When we saw him through the glass door, first thought that came to my mind was, how do you fit a kid that big in your tummy? . .

Jayden is a big brother now :)

 and while waiting for baby Kevin to be delivered to the room, I learned a lot about breastfeeding, epidural, pain killers, and a little too much info *squint* apparently women's breasts harden when her baby is near (means got milk) o_O

I felt like I witnessed a miracle today, so heartwarming. 

Aunty Rachel loves you long time :)

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