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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Red bomb.
Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 1:30 AM
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We have been getting the past few months. 

The average age of my colleagues in the office is 25 and while most of us are either fresh grads or young working adults hoping to conquer the world, some are also busy getting hitched.

That explains why most of us are frugal these days, the ang baos (red packets) that we need to prepare when we get the red bomb is.......=P we have so many weddings to attend in the coming months.

But that also means more dresses to buy and wear =D

Attended Hock Lai's wedding, the second nuffie to wed a couple of days back at Bukit Jalil.

While at dinner, we joked about how we should start to have a child care centre in the office in case some of the nuffies start popping =S 

We'll have little (mini) nuffies running about in the office. I never thought the day would come so fast when I would get bombarded by all the invitations. I thought to myself, "hmm that really could happen since most of us are around the same age, one gets hitched, all also slowly follow the cue.."

Flashback a few years ago on my trip to Tioman, our tour guide wanted to read my palm. 


So he read my "destiny and fortune" from looking at my face and moles on my body. 

In conclusion, he told me I would get married young but then again, I'm not really the superstitious kind to believe in all this. He also said that I will have a lot of suitors but I will have my eyes only for one like DUH. After all the heart only has space for one =P

Anyway, on a happier (I think) note, we are also shifting office. When you're a nuffie, you learn to live and work like a nomad.

Outfit from my favourite Retro shop in Pyramid's Asian Avenue. When we got there, somehow realized that Pinky wore the SAME DRESS! rofl

Pinky was ... angsty when she saw Lydia in the same dress.

"HOW DARE YOU!" *cat fight while Tim mediates* hahaha I'm just kidding. They both looked super delicious that night.

Best part of the wedding?

THE FOOD! i loveeeee the food at wedding banquets =D

Cheers to more red wine and awesome food :)

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