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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Saturday, July 14, 2012, 12:13 AM
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we were having this conversation about how my friend, Khairie and I first met.

It was in Dr.Yeoh's tutorial (media studies if i remember correctly), we had to play this round table game. Back then we were still in the old campus in Sunway, it was some sort of an ice breaker and of all people, Khairie called my name (it was a challenge to remember names) and of course, I failed to remember many..

Call a name and describe him/her. And of all the words in the dictionary, he said, Graceful.

 Don't i look so graceful munching on a hotdog lol

What a way to describe someone. I thought to myself, me....graceful? *self doubt* not just graceful, but very graceful *rolls on floor laughing*

and it's been 5 years already since that introduction?

it's through hard times like these that i see the softer side of people, and they really make my day. 

Except at times when he mocks me,

i know now that it's all fake and i've been living in a fantasy world in the past, thank you, kawanku.

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