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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
the script.
Monday, July 23, 2012, 9:34 PM
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I never knew all that meaning behind a toast, cake cutting, or why people use soft drinks like 7up, heck or even why something must be said or done during a wedding reception.

this week is a huge wedding marathon and being given the responsibility of hosting your friend's wedding what more your own boss is a very scary thing. Both me and Andrew may look all cool on the outside but trust me, we're sweating on the inside.

One wrong word and you're not only scarred for life, but you'll ruin a whole reception, someone else's big day! =S

Fun fact 1 : Do you know that cake cutting ceremony actually symbolizes fertility?

Fun fact 2: 7up is deemed to be auspicious because the word 'UP' signifies happiness in the Chinese culture

we're gonna be professional wedding gurus by the time we're done with research, now in the midst of preparing our script and cue cards.

I must admit though, it's been a while since i've emceed. Plus it was always for entertainment and experience sake rather than a full time to earn from it sort of reason. 

"Are you sure you want me to host it? i'm fairly bitter at heart i may go.. Love is a four letter word, and so is the last word of bull-shit." I'm just kidding.

He giggled and laughed it off.

"I trust you'll do fine, i'm willing to risk it. Plus you can use this time to work on a good script and make it worthwhile" those were the exact words of encouragement i needed.

and that's when I knew, I want to do this for a friend, and we will make it memorable.

*fingers crossed*

P.s Btw, i've chopped off my ponytail.

Things you do when the stress gets to you ha ha.

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