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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
twenty three.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 10:00 PM
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My best friend John gave me this early birthday present last weekend.

"Oh God, why does he have to remind me.."

It's a card with lots of words of encouragement and I really like it.

"How did you know I've got a Marilyn Monroe portrait in my room?" :D

Was also talking to Lydia about the coming week, it's full of weddings! looking forward to all the travelling though. Initially my friends were a little worried about how I'm going to tackle the coming events what more so many weddings to attend but seriously, what's new? Throw me more engagements, pregnancies and weddings. I'm getting bored of them.

 "What's new this weekend? any more engagements, weddings, arranged marriages, or pregnancies?" 
 yea, you're right. 

Speaking of weddings, i never knew..it was such a complicated thing =S

Even the schedule is filled with colours, we were blinded looking at this.

was also inspired to make a list of the things i've achieved and should be happy about..during the past twenty three years of my life,

 here it goes, by twenty four i'd have -

1) Travelled with a bunch of girlfriends, got wasted and laughed all about it the next morning

2) Got my nose stud and piercings that I wanted

3) tried almost all kinds of drinks - bombay, wild turkey, JD, Chivas, wild africa, baileys, JW, Vodkas, wines, champagnes..

4) attended ice skating and surfing lessons

5) joined beauty pageants and competitions and made friends out of them

6) emceed my boss's wedding - deemed the most anticipated wedding of the year

7) known how it feels to have truly fallen in love with my best friend

8) also got my heart broken, shattered and smashed by the same guy

9) saw Alice in Wonderland in Bali 

10) put on the nicest saree and attended my first Sangeet (bridal shower)

11) performed an hour straight with a bunch of friends at our first gig

12) went to most islands in the country -except for Pangkor and Pulau Kapas

13) met Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson in person

14) bought myself a new car with all that hard earned money

15) got my name printed in the Malaysian book of records 

16) watched Wicked the musical live from Piccadilly Circus

17) got my hair bleached purple

18) been labelled a wild child by people who don't know me but called a donkey by close friends

19) witnessed death of both my grandparents, overcome and still missing them

20) worked for more than two and a half years and still loving it

21) made my parents proud of who i am today and thankful for all those who have been and are a part of my life 

22) attended concerts after concerts, events, and launches and still loving it

23) officially pledged to become an organ donor

and i know for sure that my twenty fourth year would be an even better one :)

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