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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
what to do when your car breaks down.
Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 10:30 PM
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So I was driving on the way back to the office after our morning meeting. It must have been almost noon because Lydia and I was supposed to have lunch.

My car felt a little weird when the radio came on and off, then slowly I realized that my signals weren't strong and honk stopped working. Everything started slowing down so I called dad to ask if it could be the car battery. Since every time when I'm travelling I would always pass my keys to somebody trustworthy to help start the engine but last weekend was so hectic I totally overlooked it =S

Note to self: Never leave the car unattended 5 days!

As I was approaching Sultan Ismail from Federal, I had a bad feeling..and i was right. My car engine died on me at the traffic lights in front of Tune Hotels.

I have never gone through a situation like this. The weather was extremely sunny, cars were honking and roads were busy. Motorcyclists stopped to take a look but paranoid me just stood still in my car after turning on the hazard lights (Step 1). 

Then I called Lydia (Step 2) who although knew nothing about jump starting a car but accompany me while I waited for the mechanic or tow truck to come. She came along with Tim and while I called AAM for assistance, they told me my membership had expired in May (Step3) and the operator spent more time explaining how much I needed to pay them rather than ask about my situation -__-" --so skip to Step 4 (getting a mechanic)

So then a colleague recommended his friend who so happen knows a mechanic (Step 4) and workshop not far from where I was. While waiting for him, Lydia and I waited by the pavement.

and she thought this would brighten my day,

obviously not =P

A bunch of uncles and guys were nice enough to help push my car to the yellow box (in the picture) right in front of Tune Hotel where the drop off area is.

Apparently it wasn't just the car battery, the car alternator died on me (alternator charges the car battery) and so I had to find a way to tow my car to the nearest work shop. So this is when I realize buying my insurance was one of the best decisions I made because Great Eastern's policy included a free towing service with no set distance or limit (Step 5). Asia Assurance was its partner and the towing truck came within an hour.

Fast forward 2 hours later, my car was back to normal again. But at least I now know what to do when shit happens :)

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