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Rachel Kristen
live, love, laugh. Just the way I like it.
Redang getaway.
Monday, October 8, 2012, 1:00 AM
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If only weekends lasted more than 48 hours, think about the number of additional things we could do and places we could visit..

3 days was all we took to take a breather away from the bustling city. The six of us took a morning flight and headed to the jetty before hopping onto a boat sailing our way to beautiful, Redang Island.

Did I not mention we had the whole bus to ourselves hehehe

The last time I was there was at least 5 years ago and all I remember about the island is its white sandy beach. Although it is a lot more commercialized now (heck, they even have an Ochado stall selling bubble tea and what nots).

The ferry ride from the jetty took about an hour. So naturally we explored our ride, missing the smell of the sea, salty air and strong wind slapping against our faces already.

He's so in love with GangNam style that he had to try it onboard -__-" (inserts wind effect) hahaha

Bookings were made at Redang Bay (we took a package inclusive of all meals for 3 days 2 nights, accommodation and snorkelling), imagine all 6 of us crashing in the same room. I pictured havoc but fortunately, we all slept peacefully without anyone playing a prank on anybody hehe

Partying on the island was simple but fun. Don't bother looking for any in or fancy place because they're all the same. Nice looking hut with modern music (ya...they played GangNam too -__-) and oldies like Macarena etc.

But don't underestimate the locals, they make really good deejays because they knew what songs the crowd would enjoy.

Woke up early the next day to get some nice brown tan, while the rest went for snorkeling (and Brian in bed as usual =P) 

Bliss. Just a book, music and a good company.

Apart from snorkelling, you can rent board games and ping pong too (only deposit, no rental cost)

This is Khairie looking all ready to take on the world (epic pose, I swear you cannot stop laughing looking at him, that is probably how he scores.. by making you laugh at his poses so he can take you on =P)

Doing the couple thing where we try to squeeze both our big butts into one hammock :D

The girls camwhoring as usual (natural sunlight is the best for beautiful photos hee)

And I like this photo of us (Caption contest below)

"Rach looking annoyed because Brian must have said something funny to make fun of her...again"

Little miss and I on our 2nd beach holiday

Brian and I on the second night (at the same bar)

This time we opted for a bottle and more tequila shots.

I didn't go snorkelling this time around because honestly, we were quite disappointed with the water quality and the corals were all dying :( 

The prettiest island by far is still Perhentian probably because it isn't as commercialized yet.

Another shot of the beach at Redang Island.

On our 3rd day, we took the ferry back to Kuala Terengganu where we had to spend the next 8 hours waiting at the rest stop of Redang Bay before we could board our flight back to the city.

So we went exploring around China Town, there we found a restaurant serving local delicacies:

Fried rice with soy chicken

Terengganu Lam Meen

Kerepok lekor (steamed style)

There I also found the most interesting ice cream - the Split.

Self explanatory picture hehe

The whole journey was tiring, look at Ezra's expression when we first got there (8 hours ago):

Fast forward 7 hours later..

"Stoned facing four walls."

It should be another few years before we visit the island again still, nothing beats a short getaway with a bunch of crazy friends, by far the best company I've had. Good night! :)

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